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  1. hello everybody here at USA-flag-site!
    Hello everybody!

    So -as this is the photo's forum- we would like to see your pictures included in your posts!

    OK! so - here's how to do it!

    Method one:
    use Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket
    if you don't have an account there - its easy to make one by clicking the register button and filling out the form - it is totally free and safe.

    after you have an account it is so easy to upload pictures from your computer to it.. by clickin the upload box and selecting your pictures (hold ctrl to upload more than 1)
    then after your images are uploaded there you copy the IMG link and put it into your post to make the image appear directly onto your post

    Method two:
    if the picture is from a website - there is a small icon at the top of where you post a message with a picture of gray mountains and a sun in a yellow background.... click that and a little box will come up asking you to paste the URL of the picture into it...

    to get the URL of the picture (an URL is the adress - the one that starts with http://) - right click on the picture on the website and go down to 'Properties' then it will show a box up with an URL in it there - and thats the one you put in the box here

    now i know not all of you will be computer wizzes and will think... ohhhh i'm still totally confused!
    well then - if its from a website- include a link to it in your post

    if its a pic from your computer - email me by clicking my name in blue and clicking send email.... then you may email me the pic --together with telling me which post you want it adding to and i will put it on there - using my magic wand!
  2. andreaw

    andreaw New Member

    Hey i try it, but it doesn't work properly thats may be slow internet speed, i will try again..
  3. csaanv

    csaanv Member

    Andrew, you got to watch the size of the file this gets a lot of folks. If you need to reduce the size try GraphicConverter. It has a special web function that reduces the size for you.

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