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    I have recently recived a 48 star flag from my grandmother that passed. The flag has 3x5 style a fast color printed on the outside edge. My grandfather was in the navy and recived it from the Navy for either saving someones life in the phillipines or being on the USS Langley when it sunk. His Name was Commander Robert E. Ricker if anyone could give me some info it would be great. (what year it was from i know he recieved it iin 1942) and if it is how much it is worth and if i should have it insured. The stars are i think printed and the stripes are stitched together. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Curiouse Grandson....:)
  2. Hi there

    sounds like a nice flag you got there!
    3x5 is the size of the flag in feet
    color fast = when it rains or is washed - the colors won't run (provided the temperature isnt too high)
    It would be helpful to us to have pictures of the flag - instructions for placing them on the site are located in the sticky thread at the top of the page before this.

    Monetary value of flags like this is not that much really - because there is so many of them about- they were the official flag for 47 years.
    The 48 star flags that carry more monetary value are the ones produced right at the start of the '48 star' period - 1912/13 because back then the stars could still be arranged however the designer/ maker chose. That changed early 1913 when the President changed the rules so the stars had to be uniform in 6 rows of 8 with the stars 'pointing' straight up.
    Other 48 star flags that can be worth alot are ones that can be 'proved' that they have flown in a certain place or belonged to certain people (such as celebrities)

    This flag will carry I'm sure - a great deal of sentimental value to you- and this is the greatest value of all.

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