Immigrants disrespectful treatment of our flag

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by rreedpy, Mar 30, 2009.

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    Cross the street from my house is a Buddist compound, it previously was a VFW hall. They left the flag pole behind and today I for once wasn't in a rush and noticed this disgusting site, the American Flag flying in shreds. Along one side of the property they had other newer flags flying of different countries or places and also another US flag, newer. However, these they put out when they have there special donation feasts, where people come all day and bring them food and party with them.

    I have many times complained to city government about this group because since this is a residential area and not zoned for large amounts of people or vehicles and loudspeakers they are not supposed to be using this property for profit and they are, since none of them work. They generate guite alot of money weekly and it just isn't respectful of anyone who lives here. They are all Tibetan Monks and they rotate them regularly, the latest monks are older and more arrogant. The younger are nicer are more considerate.

    I ramble, should I say something to them, or who, how do I make them take the flage down. My mom said she should call someone, I said who the Flag police? Any suggestions...I don't care if they don't like me, and I don't care if they get mad, I do care how they ride on my tax dollars and disrespect me and my flag while living off the fat of our land. The things I seen don't seem right, but the flag really pisses me off. I took lots of pictures.
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    First, you might consider that the reason the Tibetan monks are in your neighborhood is because of the treatment they are receiving from the communist government in China that has occupied Tibet since the 1950's. You might then, understand, why they don't get overly excited about displaying the flag of the nation-state within whose borders they happen to be.

    That being said, I agree that you should make a neighborly gesture of purchasing an inexpensive US Flag and donating it to them, and ask them to give you the worn out flag so that you may have it disposed of properly. That may very well teach them how significant the Flag of the United States is to the citizens who are their neighbors, and maybe they will pay more attention to the flag in the future. If not, at least you have "put your money where your mouth is." If you want to get them a real nice flag, go door-to-door in your neighborhood and ask for cash donations for the cause.
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    you are totally right, sometimes we have to put ourselves in their shoes and more often then not, their actions are innocent. hope things work out for you[​IMG]

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