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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by mariay2002, Oct 24, 2013.

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    I have just recently inherited a 48 star flag from my Uncle who was in WWII Coast Guard. I have tried to find out a little about the history of this flag but have come up empty. Is it rare? Valuable? Attached are photos as well as the stamping on the border. Any information would be great! Also, are flags that have yellowed able to be restored? Thanks!

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    Hi Mariay2002 and welcome to the forum! Thanks for posting the photos! You really have a nice flag but unfortunately 48 star flags are not particularly rare as they were made from 1906-1958. That is a lot of flags! Forty-Eight star flags are relatively inexpensive and easy to purchase on eBay. (However, antique stores will jack up the prices and tell you all 48 star flags are from WW2, thus they will rip you off). I don't understand the stamping on the header which might indicate a different type of fabric but it's true value is mostly how you associate it with your uncle. Just a side note while your uncle may have served in the Coast Guard, this flag is not the type the military would use, so maybe he bought after the War? Government issued flags come in different sizes than civilian flags. Thanks for posting!

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