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    I am retired (68) and reside in Tulsa, OK. I work part time at Woodcraft. I am a student of American History, love my country, our flag and our constitution.

    Both myself and my brother served in the Army during the Viet Nam era and both went to college on the GI bill. All of my cousins served in either WW II, the Korean conflict or Viet Nam. One of my cousins was an aide to MacArthur and retired as a Colonel. Another cousin retired as a Captain in the Navy and resides in his home on Coronado Island.

    I come from a family with a long history in America and in service to our country. On my mother's side I had a relative who was an officer with King's American Infantry or rifles. He was an interpreter with the Iriquois. They lived in the Mohawk Valley. On my father's father's side of the family they were originally from the Rock Hill, SC area and came into Missouri with Daniel Boone and then on to south central Kansas.. On his mother's side (Van Horn) they go back to the Mayflower (Fuller) then to Haarlem, then West Virginia, Ohio and on to south central Kansas.

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