Is our flag displayed properly?

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Nana, Oct 26, 2008.

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    I'm told the way our church is displaying the American flag is correct, but I'm unsure and am looking for an answer. The stage area with the speaker's podium are on the east wall of the sanctuary. Flags from various countries where we support missionaries are displayed hanging on the north wall of the sanctuary. The American flag is displayed hanging on the West wall of the sanctuary, which is the back wall of the sanctuary. Can this be proper? Thank you so much for your input and your help.
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    I think it is proper. There is nothing in the Flag Code that says it must be on s certain wall, except when the flag is displayed on a shaft. Then there are a couple guidelines that must be followed.

    I believe that your flag is hanging on a wall and not on a shaft. Correct?

    The only specific rules for displaying the flag on a wall are:

    1. When displayed either horizontally or vertically against a wall, the union should be uppermost and to the flag’s own right, that is, to the observer’s left.
    2. No other flag or pennant should be placed above or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America
    It would appear that the display is correct, the other nations flags being to the left of the American flag. If they were on the South wall, that would be to the right of the American flag, but this is not the case and I am not even certain this would apply if the flags are on another wall.
  3. Hmmmmm

    The thing I see wrong with this display in my eyes- is that if the speakers podium is on the east wall and the US flag on the west wall - when people look towrds the speaker- they will be turning their backs to the flag

    If I was standing there - I would feel uncomfortable knowing my back was turned to the flag.
    I think it would be alot better if the US flag were to be on the east wall - or on a pole near to the podium.- either that or have the US flag stay where it is - and get a 2nd one to go on a pole near to the podium- to make it so that theres a flag at the front aswell as one behind - then that for me would remove that uncomfortable feeling.

    Gringo- I've heard it called a number of things - but calling a flagpole a 'shaft' is a new one to me LOL!!
  4. PRGringo

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    LOL! Calling Dr Freud! :p
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    A church I used to go to kept their flags in the back of the church proper, but they had the display where the American flag was to its own right in the arrangement they had.

    Nothing wrong about opting for the back wall or a side wall for the display, as long as the display itself follows the "suggested guidelines"
  6. coasterville

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    Sorry, had to run before I could finish my thought, and I don't see a post edit button.

    Anyway, as I said there is nothing wrong with it, though I would prefer the front as in the direction people are facing.

    In this case where the flag is placed can say something, I've heard the argument both ways. One side says the flag should be in the back of church or not present at all, that side usually points to the "Seperation of Church and State" doctrine or they frame it in a nation-free religious context, that of God being above human-made divisions like countries. The other side says the flag should very much be up front as a celebration of the Freedom of Religion guaranteed to us by the nation represented by the flag, be faithful to God and Country and all that. How's that for bringing politics and religion into it?

    I do like the idea of having the display of all the nations where you are active in missionary work, that really helps to keep it in your face as it were about the whole helping out each other principle. If you have missionaries sent to those nations it also provides a way to pay tribute to them while they are away.

    As Peter so often says it all comes down to common sense and the individual setting. It just may be that the best place for your particular church to display them might be in the rear, the church I mentioned had just been removated to a "in-the-round" seating concept witht the altar in the center of the building, no place to put them that wouldn't distract someones view.

    In my own house, in my computer room/office I have a flag hanging on a stand. The traditional placement is behind the desk, so the visitor sees it to the hosts left. Well, in my home office the desk isn't in the middle of the room, it is up against a wall, so I have the flag stand to the left of the desk. That way it mimicks the intention of having it there in the first place, I get to enjoy having it in there, and should I have guests in there they will, you guessed it, see it to my left.

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