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    It is a knock off of the Guilford Courthouse Flag carried by NC milita.
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    I should say it appears like the GCH flag, with the same blue and red stripes. But the color of the canton and stars are reversed. Both have 8 pointed stars it seems.


    It seems unlikely that this Liberty flag would be pre-Revolution as the evidence we have shows that it was after the Revolution started that the stars first appeared on the various flags. Was there any documentation attached to this picture?
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    Here's the webpage the information came off of, I thought it also looked alot like the Guilford Courthouse Flag, with the eight pointed stars also, but diffrent colors on the flag.,Another Flag that looks alot like the Guilford Courthouse Flag is the Serapis Flag, which also has eight pointed stars like the Guildford Courthouse Flag.
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    Here is the full webpage for the Clausen Flag Collection: Clausen Collection - Flags

    It seems Mr. Clausen commissioned the reproduction historical flags in the late-1960s, based on his own research. I'm not sure where he found a picture or description of the "Liberty Flag."
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    The information on this site looks like yet another stew of fact and fiction. However, it would be interesting to know what sources Mr. Clausen used for some of the flags. The one with the beaver probably traces back to Preble's 1872 book, which in turn, appears to have been based on a note in an 1830 biography of John Paul Jones.

    Peter Ansoff
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    Hi Nick,
    You are absolutely correct! All I was saying is that it looked like the GCH flag. I should have clarified that the real GCH flag that is the possession of the state of NC, at one time actually had a least fifteen stars and fifteen stripes, maybe more and the textile analysis done on it indeed determined it to be post war. With that said my parents use to live very close to the Guilford Courthouse battlefield in Greensboro and I use to visit it often to talk to the park rangers and staff historians. While they agree with Ms. Cooper's assessment of the flag, they have a drum on display from the actual battle in 1781 and depicted on it is a blue and red stripe flag with a white canton with blue stars. Note the flag on the upper right of the drum. In their option, while the flag in Raleigh may not be an authentic Revolutionary War relic there is reason to believe there could have been similar flags used by the NC militia during the War of Independence.

    GUCO349drum3_exh.jpg GUILFORD BATTLE FLAG copy.jpg GUILFORD COURTHOUSE-1 copy.jpg

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