light hearted thread of a 5 year old English girls view of the USA and the flag

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  1. thhey all who have come to read this thread

    the 5 year year old is actaully me.
    i found this piece of work in an old scrapbook of my old work that i was lookng through... there wasnt much there but i must have liked this piece of work in order to have kept it all these years! (im now 23)

    i just thought id share the contents with you because i find it rather funny!!

    ok here goes.. ill type it exactly how it is written with the spelling that i used.

    27th March 1990 My favouite country

    My favouite country is the Unitid States of America
    it is verry big and their is lots of people their
    Thay talk funny
    They say things liek 'diper' and 'sidewak' 'popsikel' 'candy' and 'yall'

    Their nathonal anthum is my favouite song
    it is called Star Spangled Banner'

    Their is 50 states or counties in USA
    (yes- i actually compare the size of counties of England to States in the USA... I think i didnt ave a clue how big the USA was lol)

    i know 3 i think.. Florida, Callaforna and Mississippi.
    i lernt to spell mississippi at scool and the teacher teached us how to spell it bakwords witch is ippississim.

    the flag looks like this
    (i drew a US flag with random stars and 9 stripes using pencil pen and crayon - ill try and take a pic of the flag tomorrow and put it here!!)

    it is calld the American flag or stars and stripes.

    Americans fly their flag alot. i saw pitchers of the USA with american flags everywhere. their is even 1 on the moon.
    They fly their flag in front of their house and everywhere i flag can fly off

    i think they like their flag!

    i like it too. i might ask Mummy if i can have an american flag too!

    their is 50 stars on the flag for the 50 states and the flag has the same colours as our union jack

    i want to go to the USA becas it is a big playground and i like Mcdonals happy meals and the toys inside and you can make cassels with the box

    the end

    funny or what!! the end of it had me in complete stitches!! the happy meal boxes used to have perferations and pop out characters which you could play with lol!
  2. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    Loved it! Of course, you do realize that it's *you* people who actually talk funny -- all this about "lifts" and "dustbins" and "tube stations" and "leftenants" and "bonnets" (on cars)!

    Peter A.
  3. rofl... u call bonnet a 'hood.... a hood here is something on a coat u put up when its raining.... the back of the car u call the trunk... a trunk here is a big suitcase. well call the 'trunk' of a car the boot... also what we call a certain type of footwear.....

    there is so many differencess in our launguages but its kinda funny!!

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