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    Hi all, I'm a Vietnam Vet and have flown a flag werever I have lived since I got back. I have a 26' pole illuminated by 2 500W halogen fixtures 3' from the base inside an 8' by 8' square white vinyl fence. It really looks great but it is costing me an arm and a leg because moths are being drawn to the lights and are subsequently toasted. This is good for pest controll, however on some nights the number is so great that thier toasting generates enough heat to cause the tempered glass to, for lack of other words explode... lights out... $30.00 for a new fixture. Screens work ok but degrade the light and take away from the brilliance that should be afforded our flag. Anyone know of somewhere that sells fixtures with glass that can really take the heat? Thank you much.:confused:
  2. Hi Dan welcome th USA flag site

    for your lights- you could put some fine mesh above them that would stop the moths landing on the glass
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    american flag uk, thanks but the screens I mentioned are pretty much the same as a fine mesh and yes it works but again it degrades the light and takes away from the beauty of the display. guess I'm looking for heavy duty tempered glass fixtures. Maybe there aren't any out there...
  4. Quartz glass can take more heat than regular glass...

    ill ask around...
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    This solution is probably overkill for your needs, but one way I have seen flagstaff lighting done in parks and other public places is by having the lights recessed into the ground, then with a sheet of something like plexiglass or other strong vandal proof/ weather proof covering the fixture. This is usally set into a concrete pad.

    Again its probably overkill, but I wonder if asimilar solution can be retrofitted onto your current lamps, perhapps in place of the mesh or screen. Then again, if you think the screen is diminishing the quality of the light to the point where you notice it, adding a sheet of glass or plexiglass is asking for something else to have to clean. Having gone to a school that decided to go with plexiglass windows, I can tell you that keeping that stuff clean doesn't appear to be easy.

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