Lyrics to the Song "My America"

Discussion in 'Other US Patriotic Songs' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    Great song! We are working on it now. Thanks.
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    Has anyone found the lyrics or the choral arrangement for "My America"
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    I was so happy to find them at:

    J W Pepper 800-345-6296 or on line at:
    had the copies of "My America"
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    There is also a patriotic song entitled "My America" available at Go to the song page and you can hear two versions of the song. One was recorded in 2004, the other in 2007. It is a popular song for patriotic events in the Los Angeles and Palm Springs, CA areas.
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    i dont know if you know the tune but the lyrics are(i hope these are the right ones):

    Purple mountain majesties, amber waves of grain, this is my america, to thee we sing. land of the free from see to shining see, my america let freedom ring. (repeat again)

    Our fathers god to be, authour of liberty...i dont remember the rest but that is most of it:) hope i helped:eek:
  7. I remember the lyrics
    Our father's god to thee
    author of liberty
    to thee america
    to thee we sing
    long may our land be bright
    with freedom's holy light
    protect us by thy might
    great god our king
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    There's some confusion here. The lyrics that hannahr151 described are a mixture of two different songs: "My Country 'Tis of Thee" written by Samuel Smith in 1831, and "America the Beautiful" written by Katharine Bates in 1913. Bintou08's lyrics are the fourth (I think) verse of MCToT.

    (Smith and Bates wrote only the lyrics of those songs. MCToT is sung to the tune of the British national anthem "God Save the Queen." The music that we sing AtB to was orginally a hymn called "Materna.")

    The earlier posts by La-Dell and Patriotic1 were not referring to either of these two songs, but to the pop ballad "My America," which is discussed in the links they provided.

    Peter Ansoff
  9. Oh but the song me and hannah were talking about were the same I'm singing it for chorus

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