Mare Island Union Jack Flag???

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Carole, Oct 18, 2014.

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    I have a 24" x 37" Union Jack flag that has the following marks on it "UNION JACK NO 9 MI 44". Not really knowing what it was other than a Union Jack flag, last year I had offered it for sale on a popular auction website when a kind person wrote me privately and suggested I take the auction down until I could research the flag a bit further. He and I had a few email exchanges (he suggested this form but I do not know his user name) and I put the matter to bed for a time. My dad who was stationed in CA and WA during WWII with the Navy, swore he did not recall bringing this flag home from anywhere and as he did recall what he DID bring home, I am fairly convinced it is not his. This year my dad passed away, so given that he was certain this was not his, I am trying to research it and try to sell it again. Can anyone confirm anything about this flag and it's value? I hate to sound so amateurish, but I'd like to sell it to those with knowledge rather than offering it so low that a crafter purchases it to make use of it's fabric mi 1 reduced.jpg mi 2 reduced.jpg stars (if you know what I mean). I think I uploaded two photos of it though I'm not sure of the quality as I had to reduce the pixels.
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    I could pay $300 for this if you wish to sell it. It would bring $50 - $150 at auction most likely.

    If you'd like to sell it you can email me at

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