May a flag be worn in clothing?

Discussion in 'US Flags on Uniforms and Clothing' started by EmailPoster, Jun 6, 2006.

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    May a flag be worn in clothing?...
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    Thanks for your thoughtful questions. The U.S. Flag Code, section 4-(d) states: "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery...." While it's not misquided to feel its wearing as a mark of patriotism, others may feel differently--just as you do about Madonna's use of it. As far as disposal of the shirt, since technically it isn't an American flag there would be no harm in disposing of it however you wish, which could include the option of a proper burning and burial ceremony.

    If you want to display the flag on a personal level, there are options available for patches and pins which are appropriate, respectful and patriotic.
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    I just hate it, women's wear bikinis of our US flag. They should respect it.
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    It is true that the code says the flag should not be worn as clothing, but most people now accept clothing with a flag pattern on it that is not actually made out of a flag. If you're uncomfortable with it, you certainly don't have to wear it, but you don't need to destroy the shirt as you would a flag, because it isn't really a flag.

    For some reason this reminds me of this weekend's Doonesbury comic about flag desecration. Not to say that protecting the flag isn't important, but there is a line somewhere between a depiction of a flag, say, on a T-shirt and the actual flag. Something to think about, anyway.

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    Well, I guess I'll throw my 2-cents in here. I agree that the thought of wearing our flag on clothing, wiping our mouths on a napkin that has our flag printed on it, or seeing a police car with the entire rear deck painted as our flag look real nice. However, I just don't think it's right. Our flag means so much more than advertising. I also go along with the pin, patch and decal use of our flag. I display our flag on the rear window of my truck. It's a decal that is about 5" long and 3 1/2" wide. I also flay our flag (46-stars) at home in my Cowboy Kitchen (outdoor bbq and gathering spot).

    I guess it's 'to each his own', until it violates the US Flag Code.
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    I think I know the shirt you mean:

    I had one similar and at washing the red turned the entire shirt pink and purple!

    Question for others: Is that an acceptable shirt to wear? how about:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I'd be interested in your opinions. (so far, I've talked to ex-navy officers who see no problems with these shirts.)
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    I vote that it's OK, again because it's not made from an actual flag, just a representation of a flag. But some people are more strict about that rule than others.

  8. LibraryJim

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    Thanks, Sarah. I appreciate it.

  9. Just George

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    I would wear the one on the left, but not the one on the right. Even at that, the t-shirt is just about to far for me to go. However, I see nothing wrong with it. It surly tells our American Story.
  10. There is a web site that offers clothing made out of the same stuff a real flag is made out of. I have a vest done by these people and eventually want to get the ball cap, neck tie and jacket that is made the same way. The place is called Flag Clothes. They state that no flags were harmed in the making of their clothes. Unlike what Kid Rock did which IS disrespectful to the flag. I think I have a polo shirt like the one an earlier poster described. It has the stars on one side and the stripes on another. They offer this shirt at the Flag Clothes site. As soon as I can find my on line photo album I will show some pictures of how I dress all the time and NOT just special days like Flag Day or Patriot's Day.
  11. i have a flag jacket and i wear t shirts with the flag on and my room is covere with flags even my watch has a stars and stripes pattern on th strap

    maybe its just me but im not offended by people wearing flags... its never bothered anybody in england here lol... but cutting holes in it for your head like kid rock... nah i hated that and it was wrong.

    i think the flag code needs to be modernized and brought into the 21st century
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    Hi, I just joined this website and i want to add my two cents in. I work at a flag store in Missouri and there is everything there that has representation of the U.S. flag. (besides all the flags themselves) I myself sometimes wear shorts, shirts and crocs that are representations of the flag. I know the code says the FLAG should not be worn as clothing. I agree that clothes that I wear and the clothes sold in stores are not "THE" FLAG. Its perfectly ok to wear clothing and accessories that have representations of the flag. I see every fourth of July just about everyone wears clothing with the colors of the flag on them. IF people have a problem with clothing with representaton of the flag or the colors of the flag, then go walk around with other colors. Everything is made up of colors. the flag has three colors, so if some people think that no one should wear representations of the flag, does that mean no one should wear red, white, or blue clothing? Let's take it a step further, what about driving in red, white, or blue cars or trucks? Or living in red, white, or blue houses? What I am getting at is clothes with the representations of the flag are "COLORS". Red, White, And Blue. If people are against others wearing the red, white, and blue colors, then why not be against "ALL" the colors? No one should be wearing any clothes with any colors on them. The clothes I sometimes wear are red, white, and blue and happen to have stripes and stars on them.......
    .........its like one of these frivilous lawsuits... its gets so incredibly silly.
  13. frey welcome to the forum

    i most definatly adgree with you!!! my mom and dad are always saying stuff about my clothes because i wear bright colours... usually in the arrangement of the US flag
    ive sed tothe this same point you made and they soon sthut up!!
    if people are offended by re white abnd blue you could go even further and say they dont like the UK or france or the netherlands or malaysia liberia - or any other country whos flag is made up of tred white and blue!

    the flag shop u work as isnt in st louis is it??
  14. Frey

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    I work in a flag store in St. James, Missouri , right in the middle of the state.
  15. sweet!! i live in england... i visited the flag shop in st louis in the mall there- it was a wonderful looking mall
    i ended up spending quite a bit in this flag shop as it was th first shop of its kind id ever been in and was the day after i got to the States.
    i saw a fringed US flag on a 8 ft brass display pole with eagle on the top of it (like the ones on TV thats behind the President etc) i just HAD to buy it...
    i think the cashier was quite surprised at my eagerness to get the pole down off the step that it was stood on!

    so ok.. after i left that shop i didnt think anything more of it really.... untill a couple of weeks later when i was in Baltimore MD....
    i went into a nother flag shop inside another mall - this mall didnt look as impressive as the 1st! it was the 2nd flag shop i visited.
    it looked quite alot the same as the 1st shop in terms of the things that they were selling and the lines of products they had in stock...
    i mentioned this to the cashier and said it looked like another flag shop i was in when i was in st louis MO...
    he says.... thats my brothers shop in MO... and theres onlty the 2 of us- no other branches... and i was like OH MY GOD.. i dont even live in this country and had managed to go insdide these two shops so far apart from eachother on the same visit without knowing that the shops were related to one another!!
    ihe was surprised too because he asked me to point at wich flag i wanted and he gave it me free of charge!
  16. Frey

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    Kewl, I LOVE the accent of British people. Let me ask you, What do the stars and the blue X stand for on the British flag? Does the queen have her own flag? Do the individual towns in England have thier own flags? In the states, every state has its own flag, and then every county has its own flag and every town or city has its own flag.
  17. Just George

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    I still have to say I would rather DISPLAY our flag than wear it. Again, almost a year ago, I said I would go for tshirt on the left but not the one one the right. To each his own, at least in this country. Hey! Isn't that what our flag represents?

  18. just george - welcome back to the forum... havent seen you for ages...
    you make a very good point there!! each to his own (and in my case her own lol)

    frey- when did you last look at a flag of the UK??? since when did it have stars or a blue X?? are you thinking of the confederate battle flag- which matches this description?
    yes the Queen does have her own flag - in fact all the members of the royal family all have their own flags which look quite like the Queens royal standard but with a white bar across near the top with 3 or 5 little tabs with the persons chosen emblems on the tabs.
    the above pic is a pic of the Queens royal standard flying off her own flagpole at Buckingham palace. it flies up there whenever shes inside the palace.
    the above pic is the pic of thr UK nation flag the union flag flying from the same flagpole about an hour later- the flags not the only thing to change- the weather has a habit of changing quickly too!
    the union flag flies whenever the Queen is not inside the palace.

    some places have their own flags in England but not all of them... we dont fly flags as much as you guys do- and when we do fly flags its usually the England or Union flag.
    ive grown up without having a flag code so i find some of the rules in the US flag code somewhat strange!! one of those is the wearing of the flag- either on clothing or an actual flag. i just cant understand what is disrespectful about wearing a flag. in england we always have worn flags without any problems.- especailly round the soccer world cup or european competitions- people wear our flag (the England flag) round their waist or shoulders or as a cape running down their backs. and quite often these flags have printed words on them such as ENGLAND or COME ON ENGLAND across the red cross.
    your more likely to get into trouble if you carry a flag that is on a flagpole or stick around because the pole is easily seen as a weapon.
    it is seen as a sign of support and love for your country to wear the flag here and i cant understand what is possibly disrespectful as long as the flag doesnt get dirty or damaged in any way.
  19. Frey

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    Sorry, I guess I was thinking that the Union Jack was a British flag, My mistake. Thanks for the info and the pics you posted. Frey
  20. LMFAO!!!!!! the union jack IS the UK flag!! 'britiain' i think defines england ireland scotland wales and republic of ireland too.
    the flag of UK is comminly called the union jack- a name im sure itll never get rid of- but its actually only a union jack when it flies on a ship... other wise it is the union flag.

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