Military Salute Project : "United States Flag Manual"

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    GREETINGS !!! :D

    The Military Salute Project has just released their newly updated "United States Flag Manual". :D

    The "United States Flag Manual" is 45 pages long and is available for download in two styles (single sided page & "book") and two formats (Word & PDF). The download file sizes are either 2.79 MB (PDF) or 3.89 MB (Word).

    The Military Salute Project website can be found HERE :

    The MSP's "United States Flag Manual" DOWNLOAD Page can be found HERE :

    While I'm NOT saying that the Military Salute Project's "United States Flag Manual" is the BEST single source of information regarding the U.S. Flag (there are what some may consider to be a few "errors" in it), I AM saying that it is a pretty good place to start !!! :eek:

    Robin Hickman

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