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    I am still trying to figure out this site. My question I included in the introduction forum received no responses, so I thought I might restate it in this forum. I just puchased a 49 star US flag with sewn stripes and printed stars. The canton was sewn to the stripes backward. Does this increase or decrease the collector's value of the flag? Secondly, what does the "Views" column refer to in the thread listings on this site?
  2. Hi there- Im sorry that I missed your question before

    That certainly sounds like an interesting flag.
    Could you post a picture of it?

    I dont know if the sewing of the canton backwards would increase the value - but it would certainly make it a talking point!

    If backwards sewn cantons increased the value surely there would be people out there unpicking the stitching of their flags and turning the cantons around before putting them up for sale... Though I would hope people wouldent purposly do it.

    Views would equal the amount of people who have had a look at the thread. Replies are the number of replies given to that thread
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    I hope this photo attachment works. I'm still trying to figure out how to include photos instream...

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  4. Hi there - oh yes now I see the backwards canton.. I like that!

    I see this flag must have been on ebay then? noticed the little camera icon in the corner there

    There is a description how to upload photos instream in the thread above this one (pressing back button from this page)

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    You like that, do you? I think it makes it harder to identify it as a 49 star flag. Yes, I got it on ebay... I wanted to get a matching set of flags that I have lived under and have been outbid on all 49 star flags since I started hunting late last year. I was surprised to win this one which caused me to look closer. Oh well, I have a problem with leaping before looking...
  6. Hey
    That sounds cool. If I was an American citizen wanting to do the same thing as you , It woulden't take me that long to achieve my goal.. just a matter of finding somewhere that will sell me a 50 star flag! - of course I own quite a alot of those.. and I have 14 49 star flags in my collection!

    I think the flag you have there makes a great talking point.. You could ask people if they think anythign is odd about the flag.
    I have a 50 star flag with an inverted canton - making the stars appear upside down. I can get the flag out and show people, and ask them if they notice anything about it.. and surprisingly not that many people I ask notice the stars are upside down!
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    I assume you're not an American located in UK, but a Brit who likes to collect American flags...that's seems unusual. If you ever have a 49 star flag with appliquéd stars for sale, let me know. As for taking so long executing my idea of getting those 3 flags (48, 49, 50 stars - same size most likely 3'x5'), I just recently came up with it. And I haven't been fully employed for a few years so cash is short.

    I have been constructing flags based on historical ones for decades, but want original ones for those three. If you feel comfortable with it, I'd like to hear about the other flags in your collection.

  8. Hi there

    I am not an American citizen - I am English, and live here in the UK
    I very much like collecting American flags - thougt my collection of just over 100, has not increased at all for at least 9 months - and is unlikely to in the near future. I may bring one or two back when I go to NYC later in the year

    I do not have any appliqued 49 star flags. All my 49 star flags are handwavers, and printed.

    LOL @ unusual.. You know how many people have told me that??!!
    Se ive always been fascined at interested in the USA ever since I was 5.
    I remember learning the Star Spangled Banner at that age, and repetitavly singing it - driving my parents mad LOL
    That was my favorite song - and still remains so 20 years later - today

    I didn't get to actually go to the USA till I was 17 - in late 2001
    I always knew that Americans love their flag - and often will see it flying whilst in the USA, but I just wasn't prepared to see quite so MANY flags!

    I didn't realize at the time that the number of flags displayed had increased since 9/11

    I LOVED THE SIGHT OF THEM ALL! I loved watching them flying, and seeing them everwhere, looking so pretty!

    I didn't get a flag to bring home, because everywhere had sold out that we tried

    It wasn't till 2005 that I really took an interest in the flag, when I was in an instant message with an American and he showed me an American flag he had with 45 stars. the stars were in the shape of circles. I thought it was an amazing flag, and I learnt that there were all sorts of star patterns..

    As I have always been fascinated with patterns, I began to research the flag somemore, and really got into it, and I started bidding on flags on eBay and collecting them

    Then in 2008, another patriotic symbol took my interest, and is the reason that the number of flags didn't increase further, because I have been collecting her instead - the Statue of Liberty.
    The flags look great next to her,l and the 2 compliment eachother well.

    Do you have an instant messenger? It woluld make talking about my flag collection alot easier :)
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    I have tried to send you a 'private' message...I have tried to send you an e-mail through this site to no apparent avail. aaaaauuuuuuuugggggggghhhh!!! I don't think I'm figuring out this site. Please send me a 'private' message or e-mail (or both) so I might figure out how this all works. Thanks!

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