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    For those that do wear, or are allowed to wear, an American Flag upon their vest/cut, what is the proper display of the flag.

    On front, left or right side? Flag facing which way?

    Should the canton be worn closest to the heart? Back to the left/right question; if flag is placed on the wearer's right, with the canton closest to the heart, would it not be displayed backwards when looking at it by putting the canton on the viewers right? If worn on the wearer's right, with the canton on the viewer's left, does that make it wrong by not being close to the wearer's heart?

    Can a uniform 'sleeve' patch be moved to front of vest? Many military members would like to show the respect towards the flag they wore on their uniform by displaying it. But what about when they want to move it to the front of the vest?
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    Hi Mutt, welcome to the forum.
    Perhaps the best way to answer your questions is to suggest you use the Search Box above. Type in Flag Patch and hit Enter. This is one subject that has been asked about and answered quite a few times over the recent past on this Forum. If you are ex-military, you might find the following reference a help: Display of Flag Handbook.pdf See page 20 for illustrations of flag patches on vests.
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    Hello, Mutt!

    There are 54 "Threads" here in the "US Flags on Uniforms and Clothing" Forum. Have you had the chance to read through them to see if your answer was "hiding" in one or more of them?

    My Opinion (short version): I would think that when a "U.S. Flag Patch" is worn anywhere on a piece of clothing, except high up near the shoulder of the right sleeve (or a very small one on the right-side of a hat/cap), that it should be shown "correctly", with the canton (Union) to the Flag's own right (observer's left). I would think that a "sleeve" patch with a hook-and-loop (Velcro) backing would be "OK", assuming that it was showing the U.S. Flag "correctly".

    Anyway, I do recommend reading through some of the older threads in this particular forum. Some of the information and opinions you'll find might offer you a better set of "answers" I've tried to give you here.

    Good Luck!

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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