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Discussion in 'Other Flags' started by chiefklink, Jul 14, 2006.

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    Am (will be) displaying three flags on the luggage rack of my motorcycle. Have an American Flag; POW Flag; and, U. S. Navy. Intend to center the American Flag (which is larger and taller than the other two). Which sides of the American flag should the POW and Navy flag be posted. Thanks/Chief
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    The American flag is usually positioned at the far left, that is, to the flag's own right, with the other flags to the American flag's left, which would be the right side to the point of view of a person looking at the motorcycle from the front.

    If you wanted to fly your flag this way instead of in the middle, I would put the Navy flag next to the American flag and then have the POW flag. That's the order they would be in if you were in a procession.

    However, I think you'd be OK if you wanted to fly the American flag in the center, given this from the flag code:

    In that case I would put the Navy flag on the U.S. flag's right and the POW flag on its left.

    I've never seen specific rules for motorcycles, and they aren't mentioned in the flag code, so if anyone else does it differently I'd love to hear your rules.

    Thanks for asking!

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    How about Two Flags on the back of the Motorcycle?

    I have been told by a Senior SNCO of the military, that since the flags are being displayed on the back, the American flag would be on the left side of the bike and the POW flag would be on the right. His reason, was that the flags are being seen by the public from the back of the motorcycle. He stated that if I had the flags on the front then they would be displayed with the American flag on the right and the POW on the left. My question is this the right way to display or not. Some Help Please!!!!!
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    This is a very common question for the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR).

    The correct answer is that the Flag is always on the right side going forward.

    On a motorcycle looking from the rear it is the right side. Always facing the direction of movement....

    To be absolutely correct at all times if you drove into a curb you would need to change sides as it no longer is in the direction of movement. So remember to back into the curb facing the road... LOL,,, at least if you have a real politically correct person with you.
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    Also, Do not forget if you are flying more than one flag and if you put the bike on the kickstand the right side of the bike will be higher then the left, causing the flag on the right side to be slightly higher. Thus, maybe the American Flag should be displayed on the right side.
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    A question that drums up a lot of concern, and has as many answers as this country has opinions is, what is proper for duration of display meaning is it proper to leave the flag on a bike 24 x 7, to include in a garage, or in a poorly lit location whether street or parking lot, etc.
  7. u can leave it where you like, as long as it does make the flag dirty... i would suggest taking it off when at home in the garage- then it may be cleaned- all those exhaust fumes get right into the flag if its on the back of the bike.

    if its easy to remove the flag i would suggest removal at a parking lot or some place in case of theft- and it might also attract atttention to the bike

    people leave flags up in the dark all the time... personally it doesnt bother me... and its not really in the flag code anyway... people just seem to twist the writing in the flag code to suit any situation- because the flag code is old and out of date and quite a bit of it isnt relevent to today's world

    so i would say for reasons of theft and for the cleaning of the flag- you should remove it from the bike when your not riding it. - and remember to check the flag for signs of fraying and such like each time..
  8. USMC Ret.

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    Display on Motorcycles
    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif][SIZE=-1]When the US flag is flown alone, it needs be at the center on the back of the motorcycle, or to its "marching right." The "marching right" is on the right side of the motorcycle to the rider's perspective when facing forward. If the US Flag is on your bike with another, it should be to its "marching right." All flags flown with the US Flag are the same size and at the same height of the US Flag. While the US Flag is on your bike with several other flags the US flag is placed at the center and highest. Other flags should be arranged in alphabetical order and in decreasing importance - Nations first, states (in order of admittance) and territories second, military third (in order of establishment), and then any others.

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