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    (Administration note: I wasn't sure whether to put this in Collecting or Other Flags, since collecting the existing posts seem to be about collecting American flags, feel free to move to a more fitting forum)

    While I wouldn't consider myself a big flag collector, I have managed to amass a nice collection these past few years. I've collected the flags of the foreign nations I have been to thus far (Canada, United Kingdom (though some tell me this does not count as all 5 hours were spent in an airport), Italy, Vatican City (Holy See), and Ireland.


    Also, though I have not visited Nepal, I picked up one of its flags, mainly for the unique shape and beauty of it. I might have to invent a reason to fly it just to see what it looks like with some wind, given the unusual shape and all.
    Which means I have the only two non rectuangular or square flags, as I also have my State flag, I live in Ohio:


    Oh, and just so this fits, I do have a reproduction cotton Bennington flag in my collection, I currently use this one as a wallhanging in my room. I do occasionally display it on significant holidays but with it being cotton the weather and wind have to be just right to do so.

    Other highlights include my "Flags of the World" United Nations miniature flag set, a collection of Xavier University flags that I need to photograph still, Olympics, Bavarian flags and more.

    Anyway: I have put together a webpage that I hope to finish out as I take time to photograph the rest of my collection. Here is My Flag Collection page. Most of the worthwhile stuff is on there now, the rest is mostly decorative novelty banners and sports team related stuff.

    If I follow the trend of collecting flags of the nations I visit, in 2010 I hope to add Germany, Austria and Hungary to that list.
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    ( I hit the 4 photo limit for a post, small continuation follows)

    One other flag item I have collected are Semaphore flags. "You might be a bit crazy if you own two sets of semaphore flags and you have no reason to use semaphore, and never have" In the photo below the red/white set came from a flea market where it was sitting amongst a bunch of other Boy Scout materials, and the more traditional red/yellow set I bought new at a store. I say more traditional, but when you eBay search on semaphore flags, the military signal kits generally contain the red/white variety.

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    Hi, Coasterville !

    I visited your "Flag Collection" page. VERY nice!

    Sorry to read that you were never able to find "THE T-SHIRT" @ Disnetland. Maybe next time?

    Robin Hickman
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    Hello, Again !

    I have a suggestion that I forgot to add to my earlier comment. Why don't you add a link to your "FLAGS" page in your Member's Profile page here on USA-Flag-Site Forums?

    Just a thought...

    Robin Hickman
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    Thanks, I did add the link to my profile.

    Thanks for taking an interest in the rest of my site, as I see you must have read the Disneyland TR
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    Hey, Coasterville !

    Well, yeah.... you know how it is. I was in the "neighborhood", I had a little "time on my hands", I was "curious", so, yeah, I took a look around, you know what I mean ??? :cool:

    Seriously, there have been a few times when I ran across THE t-shirt, or THE hat, or some other "THE" item, and it was the wrong size or something, and even though I kept looking & hoping, I never quite found the right "THE" whatever it was! :eek:

    Yet, somehow, I've managed to survive !

    Good Luck in all your travels and Flag Collecting !!! :D

    Robin "Are We THERE, Yet?" Hickman
  7. coasterville

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    Yes, that does seem t come with the territory when you travel.

    Looking back on it I don't even remember what the shirt was.

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