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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by polarman, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. polarman

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    Hello again
    i want to share the pictures of my collection with every body they have been viewed only by relitives and friends over the past years so i would like you to see them as well. i will post pictures a few at a time the collection is large.
    i am slow with email at times but i do reply i wll post how i came about this collection soon
  2. Images emailed to me




    Love the top image - that flag is absolutley beautiful!
    Aswell as being rare! It must be an honor for you to own it

    Gotta ask - How did you come across these flags?
    Are you interested by flags themselves, or more presidential memorabilia, or USA in general?
  3. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    American Flag UK:Thanks for posting Polarman's Pictures. :)

    Polarman: That Presidential Automobile Flag is absolutely beautiful. :eek:

    Is there an identification tag on the inside of the sleeve of these flags? If so, what info is printed on these tags?:confused:

  4. Peter Ansoff

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    I'm posting one more that Polarman asked for help with. The original jpg was too large (97K is the limit for uploads). I did some quick resizing, and it worked fine:

    out there 010 sm.JPG
  5. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    These photos appear to show two different presidential standards, correct? One is approximately 2 1/2 feet long and the other is about 6x6 feet square?:confused:
  6. NAVA1974

    NAVA1974 Active Member

    Polarman's presidential standards are superior examples of the embroiderer's art. Here is a photo of a smaller presidential flag from the late 1960's or early 70's, a 50-star variety with government contract numbers stamped on the heading, probably made for use on a yacht or small craft. It is nylon, and appliqued. The size is 22 inches hoist by 30 inches fly.

    The major differences (besides the number of stars) is that the ring of stars on Polarman's flag appear to have a stitched border - a feature I have never seen on a presidential standard before, and that my photo shows the obverse of the flag.

  7. polarman

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    Wow this is a cool flag. yacht flags are hard to come by i dont think that many were made the presidents yacht was a limited use item. do we still have a presidential yacht?. do we need a presitdential yacht.

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