"My Own America"?

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  1. Hello,

    Way back then, in junior high school, we learned a song which I have not been able to find on-line anywhere (so far). Here are some of the lyrics as I remember them:

    I climbed a mountain high, before me spread America
    From shining sea to shining sea.
    From sun-kissed mountain tops, to shining plains below
    more to the verse..

    My own America, beloved land of liberty
    Here in my heart will always be
    A song of love for thee

    If this strikes a chord with anyone, I'd love to have the rest of the words.
  2. babyanijo@aol.com

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    I, too, in my youth learned this song. Hoever, as uou, I can only spot a few lines:
    "Where freedom is the password,
    Where justice is for all,
    Where men would rather die than see Old Glory fall!"

    That's the bridge...Next (LOL)!!!
  3. babyanijo@aol.com

    babyanijo@aol.com New Member

    It strikes a chord with me...all I can remember is the bridge:

    Where freedom is the password,
    Where justice is for all,
    Where men would rather die than see Old Glory fall!
  4. sawhet owl

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    Here are the words to My Own America. In return, I would like to know if anybody knows the composer and/or lyricist.I too remember it from my younger day, high school chorus.
    I climbed a mountain high, before me spread America, from north and south to east and west.
    There on that mountain high, while dreaming of America, a song was born within my breast.
    My own America, beloved land of liberty, and in my heart there'll always be a song of love for you.
    From sun kissed mountain tops, I see the sunlit plains below; I watch the mighty rivers flow through my America:
    Where freedom is the watchword, where justice is for all, where men would rather die, than let Old Glory fall.
    My Own America, may G-d preserve thy destiny and help to save democracy the whole world through.

    I always thought I would like this as our national anthem where there is no homage to war. Ours and too many other national anthems seem to glorify war. I do not like it.
  5. Robin Hickman

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    Hello !

    Usually, in a case like this, I always give the same advice : "When In Doubt, GOOGLE It Out".

    So that's what I did: I Googled it out.

    In quotation marks, I used the first line of the lyrics as the search term. Like this : "I climbed a mountain high, before me spread America".

    There were only TWO pages listed. THIS page that we're on right now and THIS page :


    Apparently it was an Award-winning song during a World War II song-writing contest. Also, it looks like they have a copy of the original sheet music somewhere around there.

    Here's what it says :

    My Own America. Prize-Winning Song, National Song Contest, Committee to Defend America by Aiding the Allies.

    There is another URL link on the page :


    Sorry. That's about it.

    "Save Me, Obi-Wan Google! You're My Only Hope!!!"

  6. Robin Hickman

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  7. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

  8. fast1

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    huh?? anyway i think amazon is safer than ebay IMO[​IMG]
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    This song is also dear to me, as in El Centro Calif. in 5th grade I had a wonderful (and pretty) teacher, Mrs. Russel, who had a musical talent, would lead us in singing for hours--and "My Own America" was rhe centerpiece. It was wonderful. I have been searching hard for the lyrics. Thanks for the question! Thanks for the lyrics post! Now, next question: Anyone know where to get an mp3 , record, or any audio recording?

    Best wishes to all you patriots.

  10. jkelly

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    i just found that this was written in 1941 by allie wrubel, a member of the songwriter's hall of fame. lyrics are read on this recording with piano melody playing in background on this site: www.songwritershalloffame/allierubel/exhibits/C97.
    what a find! this is beautiful! john
  11. Robin Hickman

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    Hi, John ! :D

    Welcome to the USA-Flag-Site Forums !!! :D

    Since you're the one who's interested in the song, might I suggest trying your skill with Google ("When In Doubt, GOOGLE It Out"), or perhaps eBay, or maybe even LOC.Gov (Library of Congress) ???

    Good Luck !!! :D

    Robin Hickman
    Eugene, Oregon, USA
  12. sgt

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    Yes...exactly as I remember the song. So uplifting.
  13. kathleen_ia

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    I have a copy of the music. It's "where freedom is the watchword".

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