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    Group, I have bought a couple flag collections lately, mostly looking for flags of the nations, sewn panel and/or cotton preferred.

    Anyway packed in with one group of flags, mostly international flags, but a couple code of signal flags, is this pennant:

    Mystery pennant. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    I can tell you the header has a Dettra logo - looks like Dettra bulldog : "Best by test" and it is marked as 12x8 (inches) but anything on the header that might have told me what this pennant is for has been worn off.

    Its your standard haeader with two grommets.

    The pennant itself is blue by the hoist and red by the fly with the red panel pointing in towards the blue in a V shape, the upper part of the blue has a white 5 point applique star. The color pane;s are sewn together.

    Given the stuff it was packed with, I'm guessing its a ships flag of some type.

    Any ideas?
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    Thanks for the ID, I kind of figured it was a burgee, just didn't know there was a web database for those to. (Why wouldn't there be, you can find ANYTHING on the web)

    As I said at the top, I am trying to now focus on flags that are either a)cotton b) sewn panel or both, you know when there was a craft to flagmaking and not just, "enter a code on a large format fabric printer"..

    They tell me that today is the first day of school in my area (how cute I graduated college 18 years ago) anyway, in the spirit of "Here's how I spent my summer vacation", here is what all I got for my flag collection over the summer. Note that most of this stuff was from ebay in the form of "A bunch of international flags" type listings. I find that those don't really fetch high prices when you look at them on a "PER FLAG" basis. (Great for me, as I am a "Bang-for-my-buck" type guy) There are expections if I see something I really want, I may shell a few more dollars towards)

    So here is what all I wound up with
    (assume 3'x5' unless noted)

    1) UK - nylon - sewn panel - unknown maker - special notes: rope and toggle heading
    2) Venezuela (w/crest) - nylong - sewn panel and stars, crest is printed and then sewn to the flag - label "AD Plus Specialties" - I suspect and AD Plus flag, like the next 9 were rebranded.
    3) Chech Republic - nylon, sewn panel, AD Plus
    4) China - nylon - printed - AD Plus
    5) Belgium - nylon- sewn panel - AD Plus
    6) Poland - nylon, sewn panel - AD Plus
    7) Slovakia - nylon, sewn panel, charge printed and then sewn to flag, AD Plus
    8) United Arab Emirates - nylon - sewn panel, AD Plus
    9) Germany - nylon - sewn panel - AD Plus
    10) Bulgaria - nylon - sewn panel - AD Plus
    11) Ukraine - nylon - sewn panel - AD Plus
    12) South Africa - nylon - printed - Annin Nyl-Glo
    13) Italy - nylon - sewn panel - Valley Forge Perma-Nyl - co-branded "Lawson Flag Supply Co"
    14) Canada - nylon, sewn panels w/ printed leaf - Annin Nyl-Glo
    15) Denmark - nylon - sewn panel - Valley Forge Perma Nyl - "Lawson Flag Supply Co"
    16) Norway - nylonn - sewn panel - Annin Nyl-Glo
    17) UK - "economy" poly - printed - unknown
    18) Mexico - nylon - sewn panel, printed charge - Annin Nyl-Glo
    19) Japan (Rising star variation) - "economy" poly - printed - unknown
    20) South Korea - nylon - printed - Annin Nyl-Glo
    21) Israel - "economy" poly - printed - unknown
    22) France - nylon - sewn panel - Valley Forge Perma Nyl
    23) USA (50 star) - cotton - sewn stripes, printed stars - Annin "Reliance"
    24) Germany - nylon - sewn - Annin Nyl-Glo
    25) Chile - nylon - the red panel is sewn onto the white/blue panel which is printed, star is printed - Valley Forge Perma Nyl - "Lawson Flag Supply Co"
    26) Malaysia - cotton/wool? - ALL SEWN - 2x3 - Rope and Loop header
    27) Puerto Rico - cotton, all sewn - "Brook Tarpaulin Co"
    28) Burma - old "Socialist Republic of Burma" ere flag! - cotton/wool? - all sewn - 2x3 - rope and loop header
    29) Thailand - cotton/wool? - all sewn - reop and loop header
    30) Bangledesh 0 cotton/wool? - all sewn - 2x3 - rope and loop header
    31) Pakistan - cotton/wool? - all sewn - 2z3 - rope and loop header
    32) Singapore - cotton/wool - all sewn - 4x3 - rope and loop header
    33) Answering Pennant - cotton/wool? - all sewn - Annin - has military style labeling on header - and it says "Annin Size 8" - the rope and loop have been cut from the header making it pretty useless as a flag, but the header is very well made with lots of extra rows of stitching, very sturdy.
    34) Capital Yacht Club burgee - cotton - all sewn - 12"x18" - Dettra Bulldog - thanks again APS221
    35) Venezuela (no crest) - cotton, all sewn
    36) Phillipines - cotton/wool - all sewn - 3x4 - rope and loop header - this one is pretty dirty, but I'm afraid to try to wash it
    37) Dominican Republic - cotton/wool - no crest - all sewn - 3x4 - only word on header I can make out other than the country name is "STERLING": - I'm afraid it looks like the moths have started to get to this one.
    38) Spain - wool - sewn w/ printed charge sewn to flag - 5.7x8.5 - Philadelphia Quarter Master Depot! - has the flag labeled as " FLAG, NATIONAL, SPAIN" - it also had the following code if that means anything to anybody "PO 812 ITEM 14"
    39) Israel - cotton- all sewn - 2x3 - pole hem - unknown
    40) South Korea - linnen - printed - smallish like 2x2 - instead of grommets , has leather tabs on the hoist end corners with a tiny grommets with string
    41) Nepal - "Economy" poly - printed - unknown - ratio wise looks better than my nylon one
    42) Germany - sewn panel
    43) Confederate "Rebel" Flag - cotton - all sewn
    44) POW MIA Flag - nylon - all sewn - double sided so it reads correctly on both sides - unknown
    45) Race Flag set - a complete 2x3 auto racing flag set in nylon mounted on wood dowels - 9 pieces (Checkered, white, green, red, yellow, black, blue, black with orange dot, blue with orange stripe) those flags with more than one color are sewn, including the checkered flag - flag set by Dynamiz Dezigns - also have the stand and a nice carry bag
    46) flag related - a 48 star flag printed on a "blood chit" - silk like material with a "Help me" message printed in several languages.

    As you might imagine the one problem with buying lots or "grab bags" of flags is you start to amass some doubles on your guest to get unique pieces. (You might see three Germany flags just up above, in addition to the ones I already had) I am seriously thinking about having a hard sit down with my collection and determining what is "surplus" and having a flag sale.

    I know, no photos yet, I'll get on it as I know how much this group loved flag photos. And, thanks in advance for letting me rattle off all my latest flag finds like a pre teen rattling off what he got in his latest Pokemon card pack. I figure its at least tolerated as I am with others who are flag hobbyist and might have noticed something above that may interest you or spark conversation.
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    One more interesting tidbit, after looking at FOTW I counted the stars on the two Venezuelan flags listed above, Both have only 7 stars sewn on them, the current edition (as of 2006) has 8.
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    Another interesting tidbit - I took another look at this item:

    38) Spain - wool - sewn w/ printed charge sewn to flag - 5.7x8.5 - Philadelphia Quarter Master Depot! - has the flag labeled as " FLAG, NATIONAL, SPAIN" - it also had the following code if that means anything to anybody "PO 812 ITEM 14"

    In looking at the coat of arms on the flag, it seemed a bit off, so I got out wiki's historical flag page for Spain, and it turns out its from the Franco period, the third variation they show (in use 1945-1977. So that adds some history to it.
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    very nice.
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    Nice. I’ve had a few of those before. (Sewn on pillows and sold).

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