Need help identifying this flag

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Rechell, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Greetings, Rechell, and welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forums!

    Short Answer : I don't really know.

    Long-ish Answer (all guesswork on my part) : Although your Green & White American Flag is somewhat reminiscent Green Day's (the band) "American Idiot Flag" (10 or 12 years ago?), I think it might actually be some kind of a "Green" political party Flag. Or maybe an "Irish" variation of an American Flag The ones I've seen usually have little green shamrocks in place of the Stars. Although I haven't seen this particular Green & White American Flag before, I recall that the Philadelphia Eagles (NFL Football Team) used a Green & White (Team Colors) American Flag with the Team's "Eagles" logo superimposed over the star-filled canton ("Union").

    I'm sorry that I was unable to give you a better answer!

    I hope somebody else around here knows who or what your Flag represents!

    If you find out elsewhere what the Flag is for, PLEASE let us know here!

    Good Luck!

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
  3. Rechell

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    I have uncovered the mystery! It is one of only five produced by the Paramount Flag company commissioned by UC Berkley in 1967 for the Peoples Park Protest. Although there were five made, only two were flown so I do not know whether this was one or not. The whereabouts of the others are as follows: one in the Smithsonian, one in a private collection, one in New York City, mine located in AZ and the fifth; unknown.
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    Hello, Rechell !

    Thank You for solving the "mystery" and coming back here to tell us the "solution"!

    It makes sense that the Paramount Flag company made those "Peoples Park Protest" Flags, because it was located for decades across The Bay in San Francisco!

    THANX, Again!

    Robin Hickman

    [ BTW : People's Park didn't come into existence until the spring of 1969. ]

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  5. Rechell

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    OOPS!!! !(1969)!!!!
    Thank You
  6. Union Jack

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    I hope the mystery has been solved but not to throw a 'spanner in the works' I thought it might have been an eco protest flag. I say this because a couple of years ago in North Yorkshire I came across an anti fracking protest group and they had a Union Flag with the colour green replacing the red.

  7. Peter Ansoff

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    Fellow NAVA member Jim Ferrigan worked at Paramount back in the day. If I can remember, I'll ask him if he recalls anything about green US flags in the late 60s.
  8. Rechell

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    Thank you soo much for your help! That would be great!

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