need help to find the laws about the US flag

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    I have some unanswered questions which I might find answers to here on this site.
    1. Where can I find the fully law about the use and etiquettes about the US flag? any web site?
    2. I saw so many different uses of the US flag under my visit to the US this summer, flags with hells angels emblem on the flag, sayings like; God save OUR boys in Iraq" and so on and so on. My question is; is there any restrictions around embroiding or sewing on the flag? CAn the flag be used in Art, letting the artistic touch in some way change the looks of the flag?

    I would be very greatfull to hear from you guys---any information around this.

  2. if you go to any good search engine and typer 'US flag etiquette' or US flag code (for an official written version) into any good search engine you should find it ther.

    answer to the other question NO people should NOPT be writing or sewing things onto the US flag
    where are you from?
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    I'm from Norway, or I have lived in Norway since I was 10 years old. Before that and still carry a US passport:)
    As I wrote I was staying in the US this summer, seeing the flag used to mostly everything, that is decoration on garbage cans, hells angel US flags, and so on. I also have a picture of our dear president Bush writing on a US flag.

    I look up on the web site you gave me. LOL and try to find an understanding of the etiquettes. It might seem that some can do what they want, some look at this as disgraceful behavior and some just don't care at all how the flag is used.

    I grew up pledging the alligence to the US flag every day at school:)
  4. oh wow cool - well at least Norways flag is still red white and blue!! lol

    it is in the US flag code that no writing or motifs and such like are placed upon the US flag
    before the flag code it was common for people to place writing on flags especially of flags that had been in battle - they used to write which battles the flag was used in

    nowadays i see cheap chinese versions of US flags which such motifs as elvis or a big truck or a native american person printed onto the flag - which is against us flag code and i think it makes the flag ugly and its unneccesary.
    yes indeed President Bush did sign his name on some small US flags. i have no idea wehy he did that and he wasnt showing much of a good example when doing that... maybe he wasnt wearing his glases and he thought it was paper?? lol

    some people care about the flag more than others

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