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    When my grandfather passed away, I received a flag that was packed with several of his things from WWII. However, he also had some family items dating back to the Civil War in the same box, so I was trying to find out an estimate of when it may have been made.

    It consists of 13 stars in a 4-5-4 configuration, and the stitching on the stars appears to be somewhat rough (as in not made by modern machinery). The stitching along the stripes, however, is much neater and seems to match modern techniques. There are two metal grommets sewn into the side. Overall, the flag is quite musty from having spent a long time in storage. It measures about 7'9" x 4'. The link at the bottom of the page has some pictures that might help to identify it.

    Nobody in my family seems to have any idea about when it was made. If anybody here has any ideas about it, though, we'd really appreciate it.

    Flag - Imgur
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    Did you remove the pic of your flag from Imgur?

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