need help with any information I can get on 48 Star american flag

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    I inherited this flag when my mom passed away a year ago it belonged to my great uncle Ralph who served in World War from 1916 to 1920 I don't know if the flag is from that area who served on a medical transport ship that ran between Anchorage Alaska and Seattle Washington he eventually retired and became a civil servant running a power plant however I believe this flag may have came from his time in World War One any help you could provide would be fantastic I also have a blue with 46 stars flag I believe is called a navy jack which belong to the same person and I got them both at the same time as a flag listed above
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    IMG_20171211_002003.jpg IMG_20171211_002043.jpg IMG_20171211_002203.jpg IMG_20171211_002043.jpg IMG_20171211_002003.jpg IMG_20171211_002203.jpg IMG_20171211_002003.jpg IMG_20171211_002203.jpg IMG_20171211_002043.jpg

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