Need some advise on an old great star flag

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  1. Hello,
    I need some helpfull knowledge.
    I have an old quilt with a 36 star Great Star design flag sewn into it. The quilt is very old and the flag which I know to be rare at 6" x 10" .
    The flag apears to be silk and is very freyed in the canton area although the star pattern is still suprisingly visible.
    Does anyone have any input if the flag should be removed and preserved between glass as I have seen some pressure mounts done this way ?
    Or would removing it from the quilt lower it's value more? I dont know how safe it would be to mount, frame and hang the quilt as I fear the flag freys may sag.
    And any recomendations for where to find framing and preserving flag info ?
    Thank You, Paul
  2. NAVA1974

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    If that is the quilt I just saw on eBay, you got two nice flags. The "Domestic" sewing machine advertisement alone sells for $75 to $150. Although your great star flag would frame beautifully and frankly be worth much more separately than the quilt is, I would recommend you keep the quilt intact as an example of how Americans used the flag in every day life. I can understand that you might not have the room to display the full quilt, and if you decide to remove the flags, please document the quilt as it is now with photographs, (not just the ones on eBAy but those would be a great start.) Keep the photos with the flag or the remainder of the quilt. For examples of how to frame antique flags see Jeff Bridgman's site at Jeff Bridgman American Antiques and Antique American Flags
  3. Thank you Nick,
    Your advice is taken. The flag stays intact on the quilt. Yes , it is the one you saw on ebay. I have not seen a small Great star flag offered before therefore I do not know the value of the great . The value is not all that import as I will display and cherish this piece although I am curious. Any idea ?
  4. NAVA1974

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    The framed Great Star flag alone, even in the condition it is, would be worth three to five times the amount you paid for the quilt, in my opinion.


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