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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by MrMario, Jul 31, 2009.

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    I am a Civil Air Patrol member. I have been told that one of the flag poles at the school that I go is leaning and it doesn't look good for the American Flag. I need to know where to find the rules of flag poles in the us flag code. If someone can provide me a link or the quote of the part of flag poles that would be great.


  2. Hi there

    Well there is nothing in the code about leaning flag poles

    The fact is- a leaning pole doesn't look good for any flag- and it could potentially pose a risk to safety- depending how sturdy it is.

    Also if that is the schools main flagpole for flying the US flag on, people may be put off by it, and it cause a bit of a bad reputation for the school

    I would suggest having it fixed.
  3. Robin Hickman

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    Greetings, MrMario ! :D

    Welcome to the USA-Flag-Site Forums !

    I agree with American_Flag_UK. I know of no "code" for flagpoles, per se.

    About as close as I can get to a flagpole "code" would be to mention the "rule of thumb" regarding flag size and flagpole height. The length of the flag should be between 1/4 and 1/3 the heighth of the flagpole it is to be flown from.

    About the only thing I can add to this particular discussion is to urge you to contact someone in authority at your school and request that they have the current flagpole fixed or replaced. :eek:

    Thank You for bringing your Flag-related question to our Forums, MrMario !

    Robin "Let's Run That Code Up The Flagpole And See If Anyone Salutes" Hickman

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