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    I just purchased a 4'x6' U.S.A. nylon flag with embroidered stars & individually sewn strips. I got this flag at our local Lowe's . It says "Flag Made In The U.S.A." This flag also says,"Distributed by: Toland Ent. (Licensed), Industrial Drive, Gilbertsville, PA 19525. Model #10810.

    What I would like to know is what flag maker really makes this flag? I ordered a Valley Forge flaag from Lowe's. This flag came in it's place. On the bill it say's, "Replacement for Valley Forge Flag".

    This is a beautiful flag. I just would like to know if it really American made?

    Lowe's was an Annin dealer a few years ago. I haven't seen those in the store for some time. I paid $31 + tax for the flag.

    Hope someone can answer my question.


    P.S. Sorry about the double post.
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  2. Hi there

    One good way to find out is.. Have a look on the flag, and the box or packaging it came in..
    Can you see anywhere this symbol?

    This is the FMAA symbol, (flag manufacturors association of america)

    This is one of the good ways that you can tell your flag was indeed made in the USA

    There are many flag makers in the USA, besides the well known ones such as Valley Forge,and Annin.

    If you are still unsure, you could go to Lowes, (OR ONLINE) and find a phone number for this company that distributed your flag, and you could ring and ask them
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    I have been through a hassle getting an "American Made" 4'x6' USA flag that I could afford. I tried one online store and got there store brand. When it arrived today it was sadly, "Made in America", with out of country parts. It is on it's way back. I finally went to our local Home Depot. They had just what I was looking for. I purchased a 4'x6' Valley Forge American Flag. This one is made in AMERICA!!! I now have a 3'x5' USA flag that came with my new flagpole. I have a Valley Forge 3'x5' WV State flag. And now the new Valley Forge 4'x6' USA flag.

    I will fly the 4'x6' with the 3'x5' WV flag. If I fly one flag I will use the 4'x6'. I also ordered a 2'x3' WV State Flag to fly with the 3'x5' USA flag. I hope this all sounds about right. I am using a Sunsetter 20' Telescopic flagpole.

    Latter all,


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