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    The flag offered on the eBay auction linked below is listed as a US Civil War Veteran’s Flag. The marking “GAR” stands for the Grand Army of the Republic. The flag is a fake. While genuine Civil War Veteran’s flags can be marked in a similar manner, the flag itself in this eBay auction was made in 1976. It was part of a set of 48 historic reproductions made for the US Bicentennial.

    The seller, operating out of Kingsville Maryland but under a different eBay name, offered another flag fromthis set, also marked “GAR” I mistakenly believed he was a legitimate dealer who came across the GAR marked flag and thought it was genuine. I told the seller that the distinctive stitching around the edges of the flag was characteristic of those Bicentennial flags. The seller removed that flag, so I thought I had done my good deed, and the seller decided not to sell the flag because it was not authentic. However, the seller used the knowledge I gave him about the edge stitching and TRIMMED OFF THE STITCHING on the flag shown below, so now it is just a little more difficult to pinpoint it as a modern fake. Beware any flags on eBay that have rubber-stamped text on them.


    Wonderful Small Collectible 5 1 2" x 4" Gar Flag 35 Stars Stamped "Gar 2" | eBay

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