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    52DEE781-B6CF-4A24-ABC6-222D99F3DFD1.jpeg 61FC6073-BEF3-40C1-9B0A-49D9F7DFCAD4.jpeg Hey guys, new to the site, and really the world of flags. I collect pretty much anything old, but have always loved military items. Recently I was able to go through a house that was destined to be tore down and take what I wanted.
    Within the tons of military items I found in the attic was two 48 star flags. One of which was a ensign flag. Stapled to the flag was a note stating, “This ensign taken from the USS Virginia, before being dismantled. Although the flag has 48 stars it seems to be dated Oct 1909. Flag is 1.3’x2.5’.Im hoping with the picture provided somebody might help me to confirm it was on that ship, and which USS Virginia it was. Thanks!
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    Hi! I'm a newbie here too! Great flag :)

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