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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by mdillard, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Hello flag fans. I found a Blood Chit, numbered 4120. The flag has 48 stars. I tried to add a picture, it said the picture was too big. I will try to make it smaller or post it on facebook under Melissa Dillard, in Paragould AR. In file labeled Blood Chit. I was wanting to know which war it was used in, and hopefully the person it belonged to. I was told to come here and ask because there are some smart people here, who know all about these things. So good luck to me and you. Thanks, Melissa Dillard
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  3. mdillard

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    The one I have has five languages. None I can read. If you are a senior member here, why wouldn't you know what a "Blood" chit is? No disrespect intended.
  4. NAVA1974

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    Hello Mdillard,

    If you are an expert in militaria, yours is a fair question. However, one can be an expert on a subject without being knowledgeable about all aspects of a subject. And the subject of the American Flag is a very broad one indeed. It is also fair to note that Blood Chits are not flags. A blood chit is a piece of military equipment that uses a flag as just one means of communication.

    I am a vexillologist, but that does not mean that I am also a philatelist just because some postage stamps show flags.

    Nick A
    Columbia MD
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    Gotcha. Military equipment, that makes sense. I had never heard of the military equipment until I found this one in a box of stuff at an auction. Kinda sad someone's stuff ended up in an auction. I would like to find out who it belonged to, and I have had no luck. I have been googling for days.
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    Right, the honorary titles don't mean anything about a persons knowledge level. All it signifies is post count, or the willingness to participate in the conversation.

    I don't know much about militaria, but I like to collect flags of all descriptions and have a pretty nice collection that you can see at the link below, and be forewarned that tr link doesn't show you everything I have, but I'm working on that.

    Incidentally, I do have some militaria in the form of G-spec flags and a couple signal corps flag kits. You can see how they are related. A blood chit is more of a distress aid that just happens to have a picture of the flag on it.
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    I didn't see a link for your pictures. Thanks for info on the senior thing. Hope I did't make the other person mad, my daughter had to tell me, that was not sent to me personally, it was sent to others who might not know what I was talking about. I dont chat so I assumed.....
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    Oh, the link in my signature isn't in HTML, I think there is a setting against that.

    Try this

    Note it is undergoing a rework of sorts and isn't entirely up to date.

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