New Zealand is getting a new flag

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  1. The field of designs has been reduced to 40 from 10,000. Some feel the current flag is too similar to the Australian flag.

    The final design must incorporate at least 1 of 3 features: the koru, the silver fern and/or the Southern Cross.

    The government has told the finalists, "A great flag should be distinctive and so simple it can be drawn by a child from memory. A great flag is timeless and communicates swiftly and potently the essence of the country it represents. A flag should carry sufficient dignity to be appropriate for all situations in which New Zealanders might be represented. It should speak to all Kiwis."

    I thought that was an interesting take on flag design. Especially the comment about able to be drawn easily by a child.
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    I thought that was an interesting take on flag design. Especially the comment about able to be drawn easily by a child.

    That quote probably came from the NAVA publication "Good Flag / Bad Flag," which is their little pamphlet on flag design. I'm not sure I agree with that criterion. Most children (and many adults!) would have trouble drawing the British union flag or the Maryland state flag from memory, and both of those are definitely Good Flags.
  3. Yeah, you can oversimplify, like Japan's flag, but you could exclude a lot of meaningful, cultural or historic symbols for a country. Made me think about it though.
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    I think it's really interesting that flags should be perceived from an innocent prospective. Perhaps there should be a national child flag and also an national adult flag. We may learn something profound from the innocents.
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    It seems the debate of adopting a new national flag has opened up again with the temporary New Zealand Prime Minister stating that Australia should change their national flag because it's too similar to NZ's flag. It would be good if these two neighbours could sort out their flags. Of course the political side to this new flag question is the involvement of both the two countries indigenous population. I quite like the Australian Aboriginal Flag and if it isn't adopted as the national flag of Australia in my humble opinion it should be flown in tandem with any new design Australian flag. The same goes for NZ but I'm not sure if there is a Maori representative flag. Whatever the outcome I will be ordering both nations flags.


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