Newbie here: 48 Star flag ID & question

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by 48'roldone, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. 48'roldone

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    HI All,

    I've learned some interesting things on this site already!
    This flag was given to me by a friend at their garage sale.
    (I'll try to find out more background on it from them)

    My questions regard a 48 star flag made by Dettras; Bull Dog Bunting; 2 Ply Warp and Filling; size: 5' X 9.5'

    I've attached 3 pics ... hope they come out...

    Has 2 brass grommets
    I'm curious about the star sewn on a "patch" near the upper corner near the gromet - but I noticed that the bottom also has a red "patch" sewn on the red stripe near the bottom grommet.

    1) Is there any way to tell when this was made?
    2) I understand there are lots of these available, but any way to tell it's worth?
    - hard to tell about it's former use - doubt that it was flown - looks like it's always been folded.
    - no fading, but there is some stain on the white left grommet canvas border.
    3) Regarding the stains - what's the best way of dealing with them?
    - they almost look like they're sort of rust stains.
    - none of the stars or stripes are stained

    Thanks for any ideas you may have...

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  2. PRGringo

    PRGringo Member

    I know a little about the Dettra Company. It was founded in 1901 and no longer exists. It was bought by Annin and Company in 1998.

    The "Bull Dog" brand was first used in 1911 to identify their top of the line cotton flag.

    They had 5 other brand designations: (I am not sure of the order or significance) Sentry, Lustro, Everwear, Ever Wave and D-Brite.

    Your flag is at least 49 years old.

    That's about all I can contribute.
  3. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    5'x9.5' is, as you may be aware not the typical aspect ratio (3x5,4x6,5x8,6x10,etc) for non g-spec US Flags. There is, however, one purpose for which the 5'x9.5' flag is very commonly used for, which also explains why they occasionally turn up at estate sales:

    Coffin, or Memorial flags.

    Can't be sure without knowing, of course, but chances are that flag was given to somebody at a funeral service. That would explain the never been flown part, as well as the no fading part, and it was probably folded at the service and has remained that way ever since.

    However, that doesn't explain the rust color stains around the grommets, which usually only occur if a flag has been left out to the elements for any length of time.

    Interesting also that it appears to have aplique stars and not embroidered stars, I have a much newer memorial size flag I was given in 1994, same dimensions but has the stars embroidered. Mine was made by Valley Forge, also of cotton bunting.

    I do like the feel of the Bulldog fabric - I recently acquired a Bennington made of it.
  4. hi there Gord and welcome to the site - thanks for posting pics - its always nice to see other peoples flags!

    'I'm curious about the star sewn on a "patch" near the upper corner near the gromet - but I noticed that the bottom also has a red "patch" sewn on the red stripe near the bottom grommet.'

    I have a few flags with these patches sewn in to them aswell
    The reason i think they did it was to strengthen the material to help stop it coming away from the header as the flag flew

    all my G spec flags have this feature also.
  5. 48'roldone

    48'roldone New Member

    Thanks for the responses so far!
    I'm contacting my friend to find out more of the history...hoping they may know something.
    I did hear her say something about it being from her parents.

    All for now...
  6. POOLMAN5960

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    I have just come into possession of a 48 star flag from my wifes mother who passed recently at 91....It has a stenciled inscription of Pace Corporation, San Juan, Puerto Rico-----5x9 1/2 ft. cotton...It appears to be in real good condition and I am wanting to display it proudly along with my MARINE CORPS FLAG (Happy Birthday COPRS) AND US FLAG. I would like some information about this company and possible date of issue. We are thinking that it was issued upone the death of a relative in WWI and he died in 1963..

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