Newbie Questions on WW2 Navy Flags

Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by Dexter Cole, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Dexter Cole

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    Question one...I occasionally see a 5x9.5 foot flag with heavy lead rings riveted to the hoist corners instead of grommets. One ebay seller said that this was a coffin flag. True???

    Question two...I am familiar with the Mare Island marked flags and sizes. If the flag is only marked "ENS 7" does this mean that this flag was manufactured by a company other than Mare Island?

    Many Thanks in advance
  2. Dexter Cole

    Dexter Cole Member

    Rings aren't lead, they're steel. Purpose still unknown as all of this type are internment size and most have makings from the QM.

    I've learned that Mare Island was only one of the makers of these flags, logically if it doesn't say Mare Island or M.I. then it was likely made at one of these other locations including the New York Navy Yard at Brooklyn, or the Charleston Navy Yard, Boston or someplace called Cavite in the PI.
  3. Dale

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    The Flag with the metal rings is a BURIAL AT SEA flag . I have seen a photo with a Sailor's finger in the ring on each side of the flag to assure the flag does not follow the body into the ocean. These flags were also used after the wars end to cover the caskets of the men who were disinterred from battle field grave yards and returned to the families
  4. Dexter Cole

    Dexter Cole Member

    Makes perfect sense, thanks Dale

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