NFL Players Kneeling During National Anthem

Discussion in 'Our National Anthem' started by chicagofan54, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Whats everone's opinion on what has been going on in the NFL? We have some serious debates going on in the OOTP forums off topic section over this.
    I have a ton of questions. I understand the flag code but is the code obsolete in some cases and if not are there workarounds for things like taking a knee, flag like jerseys and flag shirts and such. i am a Navy Vet 1994-99, So i honor our flag and Anthem the way i was raised but maybe I could be more empathetic to what they are protesting.
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    Greetings, ChicagoFan54! Welcome to the forum.

    The flag code is obsolete in some respects, but I don't think that's really the point here. What the NFL players did was not in accordance with the normal protocol for saluting the flag and the national anthem, as prescribed in the code. They did it because they knew that it would draw attention to their concerns -- that's the whole idea of a protest. The flag code is a set of guidelines, and they chose not to follow the guidelines because they felt it would help them make their point.

    Was what they did disrespectful? I suppose there are a number of ways to parse that. My take is that it was really not. They were not burning a flag, or making obscene gestures, or doing other things that would cast aspersions on the flag itself as our national symbol. Kneeling is actually a submissive gesture -- they were asking the nation (symbolized by the flag) to recognize their grievances.

    Again, that's just my take -- others may differ.
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    I'm taking the liberty of moving ChicagoFan54's post, and my response, to a new thread, so that it won't be buried in an old one.
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  5. Peter Ansoff

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    Thanks, FlagAdvocate. The First Amendment issue is somewhat different from the question of disrespect. I think the bottom line is that the First Amendment prevents the *government* from limiting free expression. The NFL teams are private entities, and can basically impose any restrictions they want on their employees, as long as they don't violate labor laws and the employees' contracts. Whether they *should* do so is another question.

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