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    First, Hello all ! :D It's a pleasure to be part of your community.

    I have a flag, that is in reasonably good condition,by apparently being folded for the majority of it's time, the colors are bright, there is some light mothing, (made of wool ?)
    I'm wondering, :confused: What does the "E" stand for in U S E ? and what the value would be ? It came from the estate of a WW2 Army Pharmacist. Would the partial cord/string attached mean it was actually flown ? Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, B.
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    Hello and welcome to the USFlag Forum.
    USE stands for United States Ensign. A nation's naval ensign is the flag flown by naval vessels to indicate nation of origin. In the US, the naval ensign is the same as the civil ensign. In many other countries, the civil (civilian, or merchant ensign) is a simpler flag of stripes or bars, while the naval ensign includes the national seal or coat of arms. In the United Kingdom, the merchant ensign is the Red Ensign, the naval version is the White Ensign, while the non-military government flag is the Blue Ensign.

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