No More Burial Flags??

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    This query started as a note from my daughter, who got it from a friend, of a friend, of a friend in Congress. She's pretty level-headed, and the 'friend' has connections in CIA and "on the Hill", so I thought I'd toss it out to others who should be interested.

    Heard: As a cost-saving measure, the US govt may no longer automatically provide the burial presentation flag for military funerals at National Cemeteries, such as Arlington. Posting here is part of my verification process- to see if any others have heard anything on this.

    While our government may spend millions on Recruiting, it seems all too ready to cut back on Services, and Benefits to those who actually answer that Call. As a Retiree, I've seen the cuts in Services- in closed bases, PX's, Commissaries and MWR facilities. As a vet, I've been too close to the cuts in our VA care system. NOW even as a 'rumor', it gets my ire up higher than is healthy to consider the possibility that while our People may Serve under that Flag- the government may be too cheap to offer a Flag to those who have Fallen (either in combat, or after a well-served life).

    Has anyone else heard of anything like this? Has anyone here got a "connection" to someone "on the Hill", or in the VA, that can comment on this undesirable prospect. BYOB works at a party- but "Bring Your Own Flag" to a funeral?? Our government CAN'T be THAT CHEAP, (can it?)!!
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    According to the most recent edition of "Shift Colors", the Navy Retiree's info publication, the Veteran's Affairs office will supply burial flags and a memorial certificate signed by the president upon request for qualified veterans. It did not say there was any charge for this service. More info can be found at: Burial & Memorials Home
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    Here is an excerpt for the VA guide:

    VA will furnish a U.S. burial flag for memorialization of:
    1. Veterans who served during wartime or after Jan. 31, 1955.
    2. Veterans who were entitled to retired pay for service in the
    Reserve or National Guard, or would have been entitled if
    over age 60.
    3. Members or former members of the Selected Reserve who
    served their initial obligation, or were discharged for a
    disability incurred or aggravated in line of duty, or died while
    a member of the Selected Reserve.

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