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Discussion in 'US Flag Specs and Design' started by etopro, May 20, 2014.

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    I have a photo dating to the late '20s or early '30s that includes two US flags. They hang at about a 45° angle so not all of either flag's star field is visible, but it is almost certain that they each have six rows of eight stars, 48 in total. The oddity of them is that their rows are staggered, as with our current 50-star flag, rather than columnar. Does anybody here know anything about such a flag design?
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    YES, I just found a box from my Great Grandfather who lived in Gettysburg PA and fought at the Battle of Gettysburg. He attended the 50th reunion of this battle in 1913. He was given an 8x12 flag with the staggered rows of stars.
  3. John Todd

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    What is amazing is that no one has actually sold one like it on EBay. Was this version only made for the Civil War reunions? I was lucky to see this among my great grandfather's stuff.
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    Hello, John Todd!

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    Way, way "Back In The Old Days", hard-and-fast rules for the placement of the Stars in the Flag's Union (canton) had not yet been written. So, different folks would place them in different ways, including "staggering" the rows of Stars a little to the left and right. I have an old (very pre-WW2) "parade" Flag (about 12"x18") on a stick that has its Stars staggered. I am no expert on such things, so I'm not able to correctly tell you how "rare" such Flags are.

    Thank you for sharing your Flag-related story with us!

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