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    I've recently come across a really interesting old flag. I was hoping that someone might be able to tell me something about it. It's really interesting in that it seems quite old has 31 stars on one side but only 25 stars on the other. It also has stars shaped in a kind of pattern that looks like a snowflake. It's also seems strange that it has only 8 stripes although it looks like it may have had more at some point. I've attached a few photos, and would apprecite any thoughts about potential age and if it has any value.


    FLAGS 067.jpg

    FLAGS 070.jpg

    FLAGS 044.jpg
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    This is a great star with a star between each arm. It's seen in several styles of parade flags.

    The flag has 8 stripes because the ones below it have been clipped off. My guess it that it was souvenired and someone made the trimming neat and tidy after the fabric was removed. If I had to guess, I'd say that the 6 absent stars were souvenired also.

    What a fantastic flag this would be if it were complete.
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    Thanks for the response AmericanHurrah. Indeed, if you look closely at the bottom stripes you can see remnants of red fabric. So it definitely seems that someone likely has ripped off the bottom five stripes. As far as the stars go, I don't really see any obvious evidence that any have been removed on the back side of the flag. Although, I guess it could be possible. I'll try to post a few more pictures later.

    I guess one question that I have is why would someone want to remove 5 stripes and 6 stars from a flag
    leaving one side with 25 stars and 8 stripes? Is there any significance to that?
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    Flag pic 1.jpg
    Flag pic 3.jpg
    flag pic 4.jpg

    I have attached some additional photos of the canton of the back of the flag which only has 25 stars. In the center, you can clearly see the sewn outline of the stars on the front side of the flag, but I don't see any obvious signs to me that stars where removed from the back side of the flag. I would be curious if anyone has any thoughts on this or why someone may have wanted to create a 25 star 8 stripe flag from what may have been originally a 31 star/13 star flag. Thanks.
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    The missing stars represent the un-reconstructed Southern states that had not been re-admitted back into the Union at the time the flag was made?
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    Just kidding,Yall.

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