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    Hi! i m new here and i have a eustion: Somebody know what country or what tribe has the oldest flag in the world? thx
  2. All I could find was Denmark's flag, going back to 1625. There are probably Chinese flags that were older but I have not seen information about them. At least, not in english.
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    Hello, Darla Wilson, and Welcome to the USA-FLAG-SITE Forums!

    I did a GOOGLE search for: Oldest Flag In The World, which produced some interesting results. The Wikipedia page seems to be the most complete. However, there are different categories to choose from on the Wiki, BUT... you can click on the gray title bar at the top of each column to sort the entries. There are some "countries" not listed, such as Scotland. You can use the Wiki page for some preliminary investigating, but you might want to check out some of the other GOOGLE search returns to get a little clearer "picture", and perhaps an "expert" opinion, or two... or three... or...


    Also, I've read that in "ancient times" different tribes, clans, countries, armies, and empires used items other than textiles to make their "Flags". Prior to the wide-spread adoption of textiles and fabrics for use as Flags, other items and objects were used such as cured animal skins, bundles of sticks, painted boards, et cetera.

    Good Luck with your search for the world's Oldest Flag!

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