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Discussion in 'Other Patriotism' started by Union Jack, Jun 5, 2018.

  1. Union Jack

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    this morning I walked along Omaha Beach just as dawn had broke. The weather was cold and rainy and the sea was a tad angry. it seems a strange contrast that tomorrow sees the anniversary of D.Day and the carnage that unfolded on this exposed beach in Normandy and the few locals out exercising their dogs and others jogging. In my estimation peace and freedom is worth fighting for.

  2. Peter Ansoff

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    My brothers and I used to make a ritual of watching "The Longest Day" on 6 June. Despite its age, it's impressive in that it captures the theme: a large diverse group of people, each playing his or her role in a complex historical event. One striking element was its portrayal of the Germans. It did not glorify them, but did not demonize them either; they are presented as doing what they thought was their duty. Also, it's fun to hear John Wayne trying to pronounce "St. Mere Eglise"!

    I visited Normandy back in the early 70s. I particularly remember seeing the fortifications at Pointe du Hoc, and the monument to the rangers on top of the German gun emplacement. The portion of the movie dealing with the rangers' assault was filmed on location. If you watch very closely, you can see the monument draped in camouflage netting.
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    Ditto on the movie choice. I know a lot of the movie was shot on location. I read somewhere that the scenes in the movie that show an Alsatian dog in the German lookout post is true but the scene where the British Beach Master's (Kenneth Moore) British Bulldog is false. Apparently the Beach Master's dog was also an Alsatian and the movie people thought it would be more apt/patriotic to use the Bulldog.

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    Must still be surreal to walk along that beach knowing what happened there so long ago.

    Proudly have my flag out today for the anniversary.
  5. Union Jack

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    Yes it's definitely surreal. Glad you are displaying the Stars and Stripes... good for you FoxValleyMike. Lots of your country folk milling around.


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