One Flagpole, Texas & US Flag Flying back to back?

Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by CheckeredFlag, Feb 13, 2013.

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    Our local elementary school has one flag pole in front of the building. The post both the US and Texas flag at the same height every day. They insist that they have done their "homework" and Texas protocol is that the Texas flag flies at the same height as the US flag. I pointed out to them at yes, this is true, if there are two flag poles. But every day they raise both flags to the same level and it just doesn't look right.

    From the studying and reading that I have done, it clearly states that if there is one flag pole, only one flag should be at the top and others posted below. The staff at the school, especially the principal, have made it clear that they are not going to change how they post it because they feel their interpretation is correct.

    If this is indeed proper etiquette, then so be it. But if this is not correct, what are your suggestions/ideas on getting the message to them that they are not following proper protocol?
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    The two halyards on the same pole are not meant to facilitate placing two flags at the same height. The two halyards have legitimate purposes, however: You can raise the flag on the side away from the prevailing wind, or you can indeed raise two flags, but the second flag should be lower than the first. The notion that the Texas flag is unique in that it can fly at the same height as the US flag is an urban legend. This is debunked at this site: Texas Flag Flies at the Same Height as the U.S. Flag?

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    You are correct, and the relevant section is found in Chapter 3100 of the Texas State Code.

    They are probably under the mistaken impression that the Texas Flag must be flown at the same height as the United States Flag. As you point out, it should be if the flags are flown from two flagpoles.
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    Thank you both for your response, especially for the Texas State Code reference! I've been told that a few Veterans have come by the school to correct the mistake as well, but drove by today and it's still messed up. Maybe someone from their District can gently suggest to them about the State Code :)

    Appreciate it!
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    Can you take the issue up to a school broad meeting or the school superintendent? You would think "professional educators" would know the history and support the facts of your case.
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