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    While riding through Mansfield Borough, Pennsylvania several days ago, I noticed the two flags flying below the US flag at this bank were out of order.

    I stopped and spoke to the bank manager who agreed that the positions of the Commonwealth of Pa and POW/MIA flags should be switched. The following photo shows the correct display with the Pa flag second in the Order of Precedence (the viewer's left) and the POW/MIA flag last in this display (the viewer's right).
    This experience tends to reinforce my belief that most people I take the time to speak to about their flag displays are grateful for the information provided, and will promptly correct an inappropriate display. Most folks are very proud and respectful of the flags they fly and want to make sure their flags are displayed correctly.
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    Virtually the same story played out as I rode through the city of Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. I noticed the Commonwealth of Pa flag and the Clinton County flag were positioned out of order over the front entrance of a Clinton County office building in downtown Lock Haven.

    I contacted the Clinton County Veterans Affairs Director who corrected the flag display the next day. The Commonwealth of Pa flag is now in its rightful position as second in this display's Order of Precedence.
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