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Discussion in 'Flag Identification and Collecting' started by poolpeter, Jul 23, 2007.

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    A friend of mine has just shown me a piece of an original 13 star American flag which he found concealed behind the fabric of an old chair he is restoring.

    The flag shows the 13 stars complete (3-2-3-2-3) but only a portion of the flag remains.

    Could anybody tell me where would he go to have this flag dated & athenticated.


  2. WOAH!!!!! PLEASe CAN YOU TAKE PICTURES OF IT FOR ME????? i wanna see that for sure!!

    1the 13 star flag is probbly the most copied of the historic flags so they are sometimes very hard to place a date on them. dating can be made to specific periords of time depending on the materials of the flag and the header and method of sewing and of course by any identification marks/ names/ initials etc.

    you can email me pictures by clickin my name on this post and follin link to my rpprofile and from there u may email me them... id be delighted to take a nd look and see :D
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    I recently found a 13 star flag amongst some old family items. It is a bit tattered, but still in one piece. I've taken some pictures of it if anyone is interested. I'd like to find out how old it is.
  4. hey there psp1 and welcome to the forum!

    yes - i am very interested in seeing the pictures!
    froom there i'll see what i can do with heping to date it for you

    if your not sure how to post them on the site - then you may email me them to vexiilologist@aol.com

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