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Discussion in 'Other US Flag Etiquette' started by jaywalking31, Jul 24, 2007.

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    Are patriotic flags that do not have 50 stars and 13 stripes considered an American Flag? Should they be considered as such and disposed the same way?
  2. my responce to that is yes...

    any thing that is either the flag or a representation of the flag - ie something that is recognised to be the stars and stripes pattern- should be treated with a similer respect to the flag itself- obviously epending what the object is. a 'star spangled' foot packet i still would put in the trash.

    the disposal of such items depends what the item is and what material it is and what it has contained and obviously it doesnt have to be done the same way as a real flag..... i think its a question of common sense more than anything else depending on what the object is.
    i have a real problem with flag doormats.. i relaly dont like the thought of ppl wiping therir mucky feet from outside on to it- i think its plain disrespectful even though its not an actual flag....
    on the other hand i rather like the thought of indoor flag rugs and things like tht... because you dont have to be wearing shoes to walk over it
    flag clothes i like awell - so long as not constructed from real flags.
    i have a rahter loose view on the flag code... i dont believe everything in it is a strict yes or no answer and some things do not offend me ie flag touching the ground or flag being worn.. (no dragging the flag along the ground ior putting it on a dirty ground or where it can be easily dirtied or damaged in any way)
    but then again i live here in england and we dont have a flag code for our flag and our flag is treated no worse than the US flag is. in fact i think our flag probably is treated better.

    some food products on sale here have american flag designs on the packaging ... things that are 'american style'
    i have 3 bags of fries in my freezer with such US flag packaging... i dont do the main shoppin my parents do it...
    when i cut the bag iopen i always try and avoid cutting the flag pattern!! weird or what!! im afriad to say the empty packaging goes in the trash though.... im not going to take an empty greasy packet of fries outside and burn it or sing the star spangled banner to it LOL

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