Photo Attachments Will NOT Open! Get ERROR Message!

Discussion in 'Forum News and Announcements' started by Robin Hickman, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. Robin Hickman

    Robin Hickman Well-Known Member

    I am unable to "OPEN" any of the photo/picture attachments that I've clicked on! I've tried on different threads in different forums. New page opens as an ERROR page.

    Could this be part of the problems encountered on this site earlier this month?

    Robin Hickman
    "Your Friendly Neighborhood Flag Man"
    Eugene, Oregon, USA.
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  2. admin

    admin Administrator

    This is likely from the issue the other day.
    I'll add it to my list of checks.

    The good news is the files are indeed "on the server" as they say.. they shouldn't be gone for ever

  3. FlagAdvocate

    FlagAdvocate Member

    Brandon...since your reply on Sept 4th above, there has been no change. We still can't open any attachment posted prior to the site getting hacked. If these files are still on the server, can you fix it so that they can be opened? Prior to the hack job, these attachments were thumbnails we could click on to open, but now each attachment is identified as an attachment number, which when clicked on, results in an error message that the attachment can't be found. Please fix this. If you can't, please contact a XenForo software representative. This has gone on for too long.
  4. admin

    admin Administrator

    Hello everyone (Brandon here)

    Yes I know it's been a while since I was around, I do apologize but I've been extremely busy and to be honest, this issue isn't an easy fix unfortunately :(

    So long story short, there was a database issue and the backup failed.

    I just managed to find a way to tie 1500+ attachments back into the system and we lost the 11 that were added since my last visit.

    I'll still attempt to get the renaming attachments but this should take care of a large chunk of them.
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  5. Is it possible that this is a result of a policy change to Photobucket where they no longer allow a registrant of their site to post pictures to 3rd party sites without buying a subscription to Photobucket?
  6. FlagAdvocate

    FlagAdvocate Member

    Brandon...(Admin) On October 8th, you indicated you managed to tie 1500+ attachments back into the system and you'd attempt to get the remaining attachments. However, I still can't get a single photo attachment posted prior to the forum site being hacked to open. All I get is an error message which says the attachment can not be found. One of my concerns is that I have several photo updates to earlier threads that I would like to post, but they would not make sense if one couldn't see the original photo. Plus, many of my earlier posts refer to an attached photo, but without the ability to see the photo, the update would not make sense. I sincerely hope you are soon able to resolve this issue before many of us just give up and go elsewhere. If you need help please ask for it from Ross or the forum software experts at XenForo. We are counting on you Brandon! I'll be the first to applaud your efforts when, or if, you are successful....
  7. admin

    admin Administrator

    Nope, this had nothing to do with photobucket

    Okay, this is what I have. 1511 attachments
    The oldest attachment according to the backend was June 15 2006, in this thread.
    The newest one is showing as March 14 2015
    This would correspond to when the site was moved from vBulletin to xenForo

    Sadly it looks like all attachments after that backup are not associated with the forum post anymore.
    Something I hadn't noticed is the dates are messed up in my examples. The 2006 attachment is in a 2017 thread. I'll look into and see what's going on there.

    The database issue we had here was catastrophic and of the 10 years I've been doing this I've never seen random tables missing like they were here. Then to top that the backup that I personally had was corrupt, it was just one back thing after another.
    I've reached out to the xenforo devs as well as support tickets to the host to see what could be done. The fact that I was able to match 1500 attachments up from an old vb backup is pretty good.
    I don't like that some of you lost your attachments but the content should still be there, the files are also still on the server so maybe an option would be to zip up the last 2 years up and allow you guys to pick through to fix your threads? I'll have to talk to Ross about it but I do know for a fact that he's not happy with losing images or members if you choose to leave.

    I do hope you stay and continue to contribute to the forums. We're taking precautions to prevent this from happening again.

  8. FlagAdvocate

    FlagAdvocate Member

    Hi Brandon,
    I now have a much better understanding of the problem. Thank you for the explanation. When you announced you were able to recover 1500+ attachments, I thought that included threads from the hack to present. But that is not the case, and it is a lot more serious than I realized. I apologize for my earlier remarks and I do applaud you for your efforts to recover as much as you able to. I'll quit complaining and await further announcement from you in the future.
    Thanks Brandon,
    Bill Jameson
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