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Discussion in 'Flag Poles' started by joe m, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. joe m

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    Hello all, I am new to the board as I recently caught the flag bug. I want to install a flagpole in my front yard, about 10' from the house, typical 2 story home. My wife thinks a 20' pole is to tall. Does anyone have picture of flagpoles in front of their home and the size of the pole. I have the greenlight for a 15' pole, but am afraid the flag would appear to low when there is no wind. Thank You in advance.
  2. Peter Ansoff

    Peter Ansoff USA Flag Site Admin

    Hi Joe,

    These are 15 foot poles in front of our house, which is a one-story ranch style:


    And by the way, welcome to the forum!!
  3. joe m

    joe m New Member

    Thank you for your reply Peter. I think we are going to change flagpole locations, and go with a 20' Titan telescoping flagpole. It will be 15' to the left of the house and roughly 8' - 10' past the front wall of house. Does anyone have any input on these poles. They seem to be pretty nice, but only have seen them online. Thanks, Joe
  4. Hold the Mayo

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    I'm new here but saw your post and was in the same boat. Hope it's not to late to reply. Anyway, I originally went with the 20 foot Titan telescopic. Great flag pole. I likes that you could adjust the height. Only issue is it would sway a lot in a breeze. I really wanted a one piece but was unsure of the size. I ended up liking the look at the 15 foot mark. So I just bought a 15 foot once piece. More of a preference to a traditional looking flag pole. If you don't mind the sway the Titan is pretty good.

    There is also an app called iflag. You take a picture of your house and can play around with the location of the flagpole to get an idea of what it would look like. Hope this helps.
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    I am new in this forum .i really enjoying to join new flag pole forum .
  6. joe m

    joe m New Member

    HTM, welcome to the forum and thank you for your reply. The iflag app is very helpful. I think I am leaning towards 20' one piece now. My wife would not be happy with a swaying flagpole in close proximity to the house.
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