Please help identifying 48 star flag

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    Hi, can anyone identify this flag for me? It was been in my family since it was issued/sold/made and recently found at the back of a closet. It is approx 27" x 17" and appears to be on a brown background, although some fading and discoloration is present. Any help or info is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Your item is a "tobacco felt" or sometimes called a "cigar box flag." Smaller felts were included in boxes of cigars in the 1900-1910 time frame. If you collected enough cupons (or whatever) you could mail them in for a larger flag, like yours. Use google Image Search and search for "cigar box flags" and you will see dozens. The retail price of the smaller flags is $2 to $5 each individually. On ebay you can sometimes get dozens of foreign flag felts for a few dollars. Larger US flag felts are a little more collectable.
    Nick A
    Columbia Maryland

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