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Discussion in 'Flag Poles' started by raithee, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. raithee

    raithee New Member

    My question is on what type of flag pole i need for this... I want to get a flag pole for capture the flag and re enactments and my question is what type of pole do i need, i need to easily carry the pole with a 3x5 flag on it as well as plant the flag pole wherever i want into the ground as well as pick it up and plant it elsewhere , please help me i need to know thanks
  2. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    Sounds to me like you want a ceremonial pole, but one that has the sharp pointy base. I'm sure the more flag terminology savvy have the correct terminology.

    If not when I get home to my stack of flag store catalogs ill look it up. Of course if you are into more capture the flag rather than reenactment, how much abuse is the pole going to take from rough play?
  3. raithee

    raithee New Member

    Thanks dude ill prob be doing more of the capture the flag type stuff and it will prob see heavy use. Please anybody who knows what that type of pole ill need tell me thanks
  4. coasterville

    coasterville Member

    What I was thinking of is listed in the Annin catalog in their military products section as a Guidon Staff.

    "8' or 9' hardwood jointed staff with light ash finish , 7" or 8.5" army spear (top ornament) and pointed bottom ferrule. (For sticking into the ground)

    I think this would be more for re-enactment and not for casual CtF, particularly if rough abuse of the staff is expected. These sets in their cheapest configuration sell for about $200 - in a 2008 catalog.

    Depending on the amount of misuse expected, you
    May be better off trying to home brew something.
  5. raithee

    raithee New Member

    Ok thanks dude i ended up just making my own pole
  6. raiseuptheflag

    raiseuptheflag New Member

    if it's going to be used in a game I would say the lighter the better. Go aluminum and paint it to look old.

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