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Discussion in 'US Flag Display' started by Chad, Jul 3, 2018.

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    I passed this building, and it got me thinking about point of view when viewing multiple flags displayed at the same height. If you are viewing these flags from the building side they appeared to be displayed improperly. However, when viewed from the road (as I did) the other flags are displayed properly. Is this okay as long as the intended viewing is from a certain point of view?

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    The US flag is supposed to be flown to it's own right (or the viewers left as you look at it). I would guess that the intended main viewing point is what you saw driving past which would mean they are displayed correctly with the US flag at you left.

    From the buildings viewpoint the US flag is at the viewers right (flag's left) which is not correct. But again I would guess the main viewing point is from the road.
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    Hi Chad and Mike, it has been my experience that when a multi-flag pole display is associated with a host property, the intended view point is usually on approach to the property. Chad's photo illustrates that on approach to this property, the observer sees the correct position of the US flag to its own right. Some flag display "experts" have called this view point "the most common view" or "the prevailing view", which considers from which viewing direction are likely the most observers most of the time.

    On the other hand, a multi-flag pole display may be intended to be viewed from within the host property, such as at a war or veterans memorial where the viewers are gathered inside a host property boundary or perimeter. Again, where the most observers are expected to gather often determines the correct view point for flag arrangement.

    Outdoor flag displays which can be seen from multiple points of view can be problematic if there doesn't seem to be any one direction from which the most people most of the time are potential observers. In that case, the US flag pole can be positioned in an easterly or northerly direction from the subordinate flag poles consistent with the direction the US flag union should be positioned when displayed across a street. See comments by Peter Ansoff in another thread at http://www.usa-flag-site.org/forum/threads/position-of-flags-peaks-visitor-interest.11736/

    But hey, I do not profess to be an "expert". I still have a lot to learn.
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