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    In the small city of Willow Park, TX we are fortunate to have a young lady in charge of Parks & Rec. who was so kind as to buy a monument and erect two flag poles to honor our vets and kia's. We dedicated a wall of honor (pictures of vets and kia's) inside and the monument outside on Memorial Day. Written on the monument after "Willow Park Veterans Memorial" and before other verbage (Dedicated to et cetera) was an engraving in color of the American Flag crossed with the Texas Flag. The flags were at the top of the engraved poles which were crossed at an angle. The American Flag was on the right. Several citizens complained that the American flag should have been on the left. In other words if the flag poles were uncrossed, standing upright, the American flag would have been to the left of the Texas flag.
    My question. Is flag etiquette a law In my opinion it would be very irreverant to redo this monument and put the American flag on the left of the Texas flag.
    Your opinion please.
    PS. If you disagree with me I will write my own flag etiquette to make it right. So tell me, do you have a position on the fact that I am able to write my own flag etiquette. What law says I can not do that, as long as my etiquette does not desecrate the flag. Please expedite your answer. Thank you.

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